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Providing outdoor dining solutions to outdoor restaurants.

Best-pick outdoor furniture for restaurants!

What we can offer:

* Products: best-sellers with ready stock

* Proposals: 3D simulations

* Professionalism: SGS tested, ISO9001 certified and in-house testing area

* Proposal: Free proposals. More than 13 years of experience in hospitality and contract market outdoor furniture.

Scene graph (outdoor restaurant)

Flow Chart of Dining Furniture Contract Orders(7 Steps)

Coets restaurant outdoor furniture designs are well received by architecture designers, interior designers, project managers and project procurement officers. Best-pick outdoor furniture for the restaurants.

1st step

Thorough understanding of each other regarding company capability, specialization, reputation and target of the project. Pre-selection of products, color proposals, layout solutions and project analysis.

2nd step
3D Max simulations

The designers output 3D-visualizations as a result of pre-communication between the sales and customers. You will receive individually-created configurations and placement suggestions with our furniture for your specified areas as well as professional color proposals.

3rd step
Confirm the budget and solution

Knowing that there are many components necessary to build a project, our professional team are always here to discuss your plan with you until you verify the budget and solutions, so that you can realize your goal on budget.

4th step
Face-to-face or online meetings

We would love to fly over to you for face-to-face meetings if necessary. However, due to the impact of the pandemic on international travel, we will normally arrange online meetings at your convenience.

5th step

We will make sure you are satisfied with our solutions before signing the contract.

6th step
Contract implementing

As a reliable outdoor furniture supplier, we strive to guarantee that you receive high quality and high standards products on time. Our after-sales service continues even after you receive our products. We are ALWAYS here.

7th step
Project appraisal

Congratulations on completing your project! It is always important for our team to complete a project appraisal in order to assess our solutions and find out where we can improve for the future. We always aim higher!

Success Cases

According to the engineering drawings, our designers will develop concepts together with you, create 3D-Visualizations as a basis for decision-making with our intelligent restaurant furniture, which can offer you the touch of something extraordinaire and the highest level of comfort of every outdoor dining area.

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.