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MAD Cafe: Importing Custom Outdoor Sofas from China | Coets

Project Overview

Project: MAD Club

Country: Switzerland

Oder Date: February 2022


Client’s Brand Influence

MAD Club in Lausanne, Switzerland is one of the country’s most popular nightclubs. The club occupies a large converted warehouse in Lausanne’s stylish Flon district. With five floors and four dancefloors, the club is a hotspot for music lovers. In fact, it was ranked #51 in the TOP 100 CLUBS DJ MAG 2022, which is a testament to its popularity.

MADCAFE outdoor restaurant

Source: MAD

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MAD Cafe’s Renovation

MAD Cafe is located in the Flon district of Lausanne. The café is an extension of MAD Club and displays the history of the club in photos. The photos include the most beautiful covers of MAD Magazine and images of artists who have performed at the club since its opening.

In February 2022, the café manager approached us with a request to replace all the outdoor dining furniture on their terrace. The terrace is located on the street and blends well into the community. The manager wanted a layout proposal that would highlight the brand’s signature red colour and strike a balance between its business function and the beauty of the community.

Our designers were thrilled about this project. We delivered three samples to the customer to choose their preferred color and size for the sofas. The manager was very pleased with our designs and settled on the colour and size for the sofas.

Since MAD Cafe ordered a large quantity of sofas, which filled a full container load, we were able to customize the sofa seating fabric according to their request. We took great care in ensuring that the product met all of their specifications.

The renovated MAD Cafe, now furnished with Coets’ outdoor furniture, looks stunning. Photos of the renovated cafe can be viewed on its website. We are proud to have been a part of this project and to have had the opportunity to supply MAD with high-quality outdoor furniture.

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