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The purist designs of Coets furniture represent our values of conciseness and beauty. Many new pieces of our outdoor furniture take on a thoroughly minimalist appearance with brushed aluminum and an industrial style.

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●A floor map of the business function is preferred for an easier communication.

A budget of the contract is preferred to that we can propose the appropriate furniture combinations.

Our designers and engineers will be involved when above information suffices.

Our captioned proposals with 3D simulations will be provided within committed timeframe.

Mutual visits can be initiated if necessary.


Anything else rather than our refined furniture is called service in Coets. Our sales force is entitled with hands-on experienced in brushed aluminum furniture and is backed up with our in-house designers as well as engineers.

Either on-line meetings or face-to-face communication can be organized at any time upon your request. We provide a warranty of 2-year which enables you to maximize our furniture in the restaurants.

Spare parts of plastic wood and hardware fittings are provided as a value-added service to our customers.

Brushed Aluminum Round Outdoor Dining Table Fay

Minimalist Style

Sophisticated, straight forward and concise yet comfortable outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Sling Dining Armchair Claire

Industrial Style

Industrial style is something trendy and popular over the last several years especially with the Z generation. Industrial style is the perfect option to restaurants who want to convey a sense of origin and fashion.

High Backed Bar Armrest Stool Joe


In the development of new models today, more and more attention is paid to plastic wood, which is widely applied in Coets collections. Plastic wood is renowned as recyclable and environmentally friendly furniture material.

With no-frills and no-add-ons, our products are particularly suitable for outdoor dining, while still maintaining their value and attractiveness.

real shots (dining table)
real shots (seaside restaurant)

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.