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Research & Development aims higher

To enhance our furniture and make them the perfect combination of form, function as well as comfort.

Coets Research & Development department

Coets Research & Development department is aimed at boosting our research and development performance as well as providing more chances for our technicians and designers to find inspiration for continuously improving manufacturing technologies and enhancing craftsman skills.

Having our highly experienced R&D team, we will provide you with substantial support depending on your specific needs.

You benefit from what we pursue

Deep insight into the industry market & professional report

With more than 13 years of experience in outdoor furniture, our professional team have the best market insights to offer values to our clients. With continuous, deep and subjective data analysis of the industry, we provide what our clients need the most.

Technological innovation & process improvement & efficiency enhancement

Coets keeps Research & Development departments continuously abreast of the state of the art technologies. Our R&D team are always pursuing the best way to offer our clients the best solutions. Knowing the importance of efficiency, we keep enhancing our processes so that we can provide more value to clients effectively.


Our team has a passion for innovation and creativity, which drives us towards a higher level. Coets puts our valuable clients in the first place and ensure you can benefit from our innovation and improvement of our products on a daily basis.

Latest designs

Industrial and minimalist designs are on trend right now. Our designers won’t have you sacrifice comfort when creating a desired looking for your outdoor space. We focus on satisfying your design needs by combining the beauty and our unique style features.

Added values

We are deeply aware of the significance of added values of our furniture for customers. Confident with our products, we firmly believe that the emotion, vitality and other characteristics of our furniture can touch and stimulate customers’ feelings, therefore they are more satisfied and joyful in the atmosphere of the outdoor space.

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.