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Craftsmanship & Quality

We are professional to make the best brushed aluminum furniture in China

Connection Makes A Difference.

To guarantee high quality, our strategy lies in the scientific management. Each team is responsible for their assignments. In the production process, each procedure is reported in the records. The close connections between departments has mutual influence on each other, taking quality control to the extremes.

Backyard Dining Armrest Chair Claire

Production: How to Make Brushed Aluminium Furniture?

The secret of producing quality products lies in our teamwork.

Inspectoin: Never let go easily.

Our inspection teams are perfectionists on quality. We spare no effort to keep an eye on every product by rounds of check. Our products can tell how crazy we are.

Raw Materials

Good products are made of good parts. We have professionals to find the best pick as the basis.

Finished Products

With high quality materials, we have a strict control in every manufacturing process. The final is a detail battle.

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.