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Materials & Maintenance

Bring out the best of one another with the easiest way!

Materials make life easy!

Coets is to extend your outdoor serenity. We’re here to help you choose the right materials for an everlasting outdoor fun. Go and check your carefree guidance(pdf.)!

All-weather and Durable

Light-weighted Brushed Aluminum

After brushing and oxidizing, we make the finish look like stainless steel but with lower cost and weight, allowing easly assembly. You’ll find it easy to match any kind of furniture material.

Though this material is perfect for all-weather, you should occasionally clean the aluminum with water.

Any concentrated acids or bases cleansers is not allowed.

If not in use for an extended period of time,you may use protective covers for future use.

Superb UV Protection

Water Repellent Olefin Fabric

We use anti-UV olefin fabric to make outdoor sofas and parasols withstand all weather, still comfortable and beautiful for years. Additionally, the quick dry foam inside the fabric sofas features hygiene protection and anti-bacteria.

One of the best ways to keep Coets fabric looking good is

to brush off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric

and wipe up spills or clean soon after a stain occurs. Just rinse the soap and leave it to dry.

A Better Option Than Timber

Eco-friendly Plastic Wood

As for wood materials, we can benefit much from plastic wood for durable tensile strength. As a sustainable material, our plastic wood is made from HIPS and other materials that are non-toxic and safe for our planet when it comes to mass production.

As plastic wood is UV protected for all weather, it’s easy to clean. For dirt and food spills, a soft bristle brush and soapy water can work. For surface scratches, use abrasive paper to remove marks in the same direction as the timber grain. Avoid melting stuff such as glass and live cigarettes.

Flexible Toughness

Affordable Sling

Chairs are often judged by their load-bearing capacity. Sling is perfect to be used in armchairs and sun loungers for its tensile strength. One will feel safe and relaxed when sitting on its cool and smooth surface. Sling is the non-toxic durable material you can count on.

If you find stains on the sling furniture, apply water and liquid, non-abrasive, colorless detergents to the spot as soon as possible. Only neutral pH liquid is allowed on the material such as mild household bleach and soapy water.

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.