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Wholesale Solutions for Restaurant Chairs Made of Aluminium

At Coets, we provide commercial outdoor furniture of medium to high-end quality, with dining tables and chairs as our speciality. With premium quality materials, each chair is designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions while maintaining its pristine appearance. With a variety of sleek and modern designs, our chair collection is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, providing a comfortable and stylish seating solution for any occasion.

Dining Chairs

An always-cool dining chair can win customers’ favour for restaurants and cafes, especially when it has served a sea of people. Coets is the right chair factory that manufactures brushed aluminium chairs in China. You can choose different materials like a sling with the quick dry foam or poly wood. All of the chairs are water-resistant, mould resistant and anti-oxidated. The sharp edge emphasises aesthetics, while the curve edge follows ergonomics. We offer custom restaurant chairs wholesale to make your sit-and-talk the most comfortable and romantic.

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Why Choose Coets Aluminum Dining Chairs

Style & Sustainability

Look no further than our eco-friendly chairs, made from recycled materials, designed to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of your establishment. Each chair is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail; ensuring a high-quality product you can feel good about using.

Breathable Seating

Made with high-quality, weather-resistant materials that are specially treated to withstand the elements, our chairs are built to last and provide long-lasting durability in even the toughest environments. With their sleek and modern design, these chairs look great and keep your customers cool and comfortable while dining outdoors.

Craftsman’s Chair

Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans with a keen eye for detail, each chair is made to the highest standards, ensuring unparalleled durability and longevity. From the carefully selected materials to the expert finishing touches, our chairs are built to withstand the toughest outdoor environments while maintaining their beauty and functionality.

Industrial Chic

Whether you’re looking to create an urban oasis in the city’s heart or a cosy patio retreat, our industrial-inspired chairs will set the perfect tone. And with their sturdy construction and easy-to-clean surfaces, they’re a practical choice too. So why compromise on style or functionality when you can have it all with our industrial outdoor restaurant chairs?

Industrial Strength Aluminium Dining Chair Factory

Various Coets outdoor restaurant chairs have differen features, such as armrests or no armrests and straight or curved edges. Moreover, You can categorise them into two types based on their backrest design: chairs with a plastic wood slat backrest and chairs with a sling-back design.

Consultation Service

We’ll work with you to identify your needs and goals and provide expert advice on everything from furniture selection to layout and design. With our consultation service, you can be confident that you’re making informed decisions that will result in a successful outdoor dining area.

Project Management

We understand that managing an outdoor furniture project can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we offer project management services to oversee the entire process from start to finish. Our dedicated project managers will ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to your specifications.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to produce high-quality outdoor furniture at scale. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that each piece is built to the highest quality and durability standards.

Logistic Service

Our services don’t stop at manufacturing. We also offer delivery of your outdoor furniture, ensuring a safe and timely shipping process. We work with you to schedule a convenient delivery date and time.

Outdoor Chair Factory Bulk Ordering Process

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Please initiate a quotation by sending it to our experts, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Confirming details

Please verify your specifications and let us know the lead time that aligns with your schedule.


Your products are manufactured in a certified factory with appropriate certifications and test reports.

Quality control

We assume complete responsibility for ensuring that the products are produced to our standards and meet your requirements.


Our company prioritises timely delivery to ensure that your outdoor furniture is delivered to you on schedule.

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Explore our factory & Showroom

Factory Figures

  • 10(Production Lines)
  • 80 (Workers)
  • 1260 (m2 Manufacturing Site)
  • 500 (Pcs Daily)

Coets furniture is crafted by skilled workers who are deeply committed to producing furniture of the highest quality. Each worker specialises in their position, working together collaboratively and efficiently. With a daily production capacity of 500 pieces of furniture, Coets’ factory can meet high-volume orders.

Showroom Figures

  • 500 (m2 Showroom Area)

Coets’ showroom, known as “Leisure Garden,” embodies the brand’s emphasis on minimalistic and industrial styles in their outdoor restaurant furniture, as reflected in their slogan “Less is beautiful.” The showroom features 3D, all-angle visualisations of Coets’ products, including their design, style, fabrics, and materials, providing customers with a realistic experience that facilitates informed decision-making when selecting our furniture.

Al Fresco Ambience: Outdoor Restaurant Projects

The featured projects exemplify the Coets brand’s exceptional outdoor dining experience and dynamism, highlighting the versatile pairing of dining tables and chairs and accompanying dining accessories.

With our commitment to meeting the diverse design requests of the hospitality and catering industries, we offer a wide range of options for outdoor restaurant projects, showcasing the unique style and customisable features that Coets has to offer.

Our photo gallery of customers

We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers, and nothing pleases us more than seeing our outdoor furniture in action. In this gallery, you’ll find photos from our customers showcasing their outdoor spaces, highlighting how our furniture has enhanced their ambience and experience.

Have Any Questions about Dinning Chairs in Bulk Orders?

How long does production take?

For the ready-to-ship outdoor furniture , the production time is within one week. For the new production, it takes around 40-60 days.

Why don’t you sell one set?

Our target customers are retailers and project contractors but not end-users. We suggest you buy from our customers in your city or country.

What is the package?

We provide KD packages for tables and sofas and stack chairs for the package.

How can I maintain the plastic wood and brushed aluminium?

Use a dishcloth to polish the contaminated area slightly back and forth, along the direction of plastic wood texture and brushed aluminium. Wipe until the stains become faint or disappear, and then dry it with another clean cloth.

Can I customise different colours for the furniture?

We offer professional colour options for plastic wood, aluminium and fabrics. They are the most suitable ones that suit all different outdoor decor styles, so please select the colour you like freely.

How long is your outdoor warranty?

Our outdoor furniture comes with a 2-year warranty.

How is your after-sales service?

Our professional after-sales team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns. If you have any problems, please let us know, and we’ll take good care of them.

What’s the loading quantity for one 40HQ container?

There are different loading quantities according to different outdoor furniture designs. For example, for the table and chair set, the loading quantity is 100-300 sets in one 40HQ container. For more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us soon.

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