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About Coets

Coets provides the outdoor furniture to the outdoor restaurants!

Coets is the expert to help you with outdoor dining layout solutions.

Coets Furniture is a 14-year-old business, with a team of in-house designers and engineers, providing outdoor dining solutions to outdoor restaurants.

In view of the discussions about clmate change today, the topic of sustainability is becoming more important in many sectors, including outdoor restaurant furniture.

In the development of new models today, more and more attention is being paid to plastic wood since it is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Nowadays, furnishing restaurants’ outdoor dining space is a question of ergonomic planning and comfort, both on streets and in squares.

Coets is experienced in designing reasonable and relaxing dining spaces with numerous successful cases.

Manpower Philosophy

Growth-driven, diligent and humane

Customer Philosophy

Innovative and considerate

Social Responsibility

Collaboration with stake-holders


Think big, walk long. Less is beautiful! Hence Coets furniture.


Proven expertise in proposing dining layouts within budgets.

Our team have a thorough understanding of hospitality industry and our customers.

Looking for a professional & reliable outdoor furniture manufacturer?

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.