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Top Chinese Restaurant Table Manufacturer

Since 2009, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and selling mid-end/high-end alfresco restaurant furniture across the globe. We offer the best selection of commercial brushed aluminium furniture and unparalleled restaurant layout service, logistic service and after-sales service.

Dining Tables

Like The Lonely Gourmet and Before Sunrise, dinner tables carry both gourmet and great memories. Whether you own a sidewalk café, a tower-top mini bar, or a rooftop restaurant, a well-designed patio is a worthy investment for a high return. Coets is your target table factory, offering custom sizes of rectangular, square and round tables. Inspired by the industrial and minimalist style, our tables are built with plastic wood and the best-brushed aluminium frames in China. Such a combination is eco-friendly and long-lasting for its easy maintenance. You can add each table with a 50mm umbrella hole (at the centre).

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Why Choose Coets Aluminium Dining Tables?


As global over-exploitation of forests become increasingly severe, plastic wood was born to replace the overuse of natural wood. This composite wood possesses the advantages of both plastic and wood. Therefore it is widely used in the furniture industry.

Easy Cleaning

Tips for cleaning aluminium:

• Regular cleaning: A few wipes with a clean, damp cloth over the entire surface will suffice.

• Tough stains: A simple mixture of vinegar(lemon juice or salt) and warm water will do the trick most of the time. Please pay special attention to areas that seem particularly dirty or stained while wiping them.


Both aluminium and plastic wood is ideal furniture materials because they are:

  • rust-proof
  • anti-corrosion
  • mould-or-mildew-resistant

Great Weatherability

Coets tables are made to withstand all four seasons and a range of conditions, including:

  • harsh sun
  • snowy winter
  • humid weather

Industrial Style

Dining Table Manufacturer

We provide round, square and rectangular brushed aluminium dining tables with a height of 750/760 mm. For round ones, we offer different sizes of D600/D700/D800 mm; for square ones, we have tables of 600*600/800*800/900*900 mm; for rectangular ones, we offer 1200*800 mm in size. The number of chairs per set is optional: 2/4/6 chairs per set. All table tops are made of plastic wood, which is eco-friendly and weather-resistant.

Full-service attention

We make sure your inquiry is replied timely. We begin with a short interview and then analyse your layout drawings to know your ideas and spaces better, ensuring the details of every ambience match your style and are within the budget.

Logo Customization

We can imprint your brand or company logo onto your products.

A successful dining area relies on several factors, such as style, comfort, utility and price. If you are unsure where to start your search, we provide you with tools and knowledge that assist you in reassessing your business’ focus so that you can have a functional space.

After-Sales Service

We ensure you always get a timely response and feel satisfied throughout our business cooperation. After-sales service includes:

• Shipping & delivery service.

• Quality follow-up service.

• Assembly instructions.

• New product notification.

Dining Table Bulk Ordering Process

    Starting a quote

Send a quote to our professionals, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Confirming details

Confirm your specifications and lead time that suits your schedule.


Your products are produced through a qualified factory with relevant certifications and test reports.

Quality control

We take full responsibility for ensuring the products are manufactured according to our standards and your demands.


Your products will be carefully packed and shipped ASAP.

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Factory Figures

  • 10(Production Lines)
  • 80 (Workers)
  • 1260 (m2 Manufacturing Site)
  • 500 (Pcs Daily)

Coets furniture is manufactured by skilled workers passionate about production quality. Each worker specialises in their position, working collaboratively and efficiently. Coets’ factory can produce 500 pieces of furniture in a single day.

Showroom Figures

  • 500 (m2 Showroom Area)

Coets’ showroom is named Leisure Garden with the slogan “Less is beautiful”, emphasising the minimalistic and industrial style of this brand’s restaurant outdoor furniture. Leisure Garden is a 3D & all-angle visualisation for products’ design, style, fabrics and materials, bringing you the most realistic experience and assisting you in making a sensible choice of our furniture.

Get inspired by Our Projects.

The selected projects showcase the wonderful experience and dynamism of the Coets brand, highlighting the flexible combination of the dining tables and chairs, plus dining accessories. We can satisfy every design request of you in the various hospitality and catering industries.

real shots (rooftop restaurant table set)

We are grateful to share the photos and stories behind the projects we have delivered.

Have Any Questions about Dining Tables in Bulk Orders?

How long does production take?

For the ready-to-ship outdoor furniture , the production time is within one week. For the new production, it takes around 40-60 days.

Why don’t you sell one set?

Our target customers are retailers and project contractors but not end-users. We suggest you buy from our customers in your city or country.

What is the package?

We provide KD packages for tables and sofas and stack chairs for the package.

How can I maintain the plastic wood and brushed aluminium?

Use a dishcloth to polish the contaminated area slightly back and forth, along the direction of plastic wood texture and brushed aluminium. Wipe until the stains become faint or disappear, and then dry it with another clean cloth.

Can I customise different colours for the furniture?

We offer professional colour options for plastic wood, aluminium and fabrics. They are the most suitable ones that suit all different outdoor decor styles, so please select the colour you like freely.

How long is your outdoor warranty?

Our outdoor furniture comes with a 2-year warranty.

How is your after-sales service?

Our professional after-sales team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns. If you have any problems, please let us know, and we’ll take good care of them.

What’s the loading quantity for one 40HQ container?

There are different loading quantities according to different outdoor furniture designs. For example, for the table and chair set, the loading quantity is 100-300 sets in one 40HQ container. For more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us soon.

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