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One of a Kind Outdoor Dining Partner

Unbox our delightful outdoor dining area design ideas.

Top Aluminum Outdoor Dining Furniture Supplier

Minimalist, industrial, environmental. That’s all of our aesthetic. As a professional outdoor furniture supplier, we are your Mr Right to provide all-round service from design and manufacture to delivery. By our collective efforts, we deliver quality and passion to our people through the certified artpiece.

Right for your appetite, we understand what kind of all-weather furniture is calling your name. See our sparks!

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Get High-class Quality Products

Get High-class Quality Products. Keeping every procedure in record, we offer exacting standards of craftsmanship. Your choice is worth it.

Stylish Practical Design Good to the Environment

Go green together! Beyond quality and functionality, we care more about sustainability. Join our bigger picture to see eco-friendly materials in a comfortable and fashionable outdoor space.

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A closer look at the furnichure sets

A picture is worth a thousand words. In our 3D showroom, you can immersively experience the reinforced grace of our artpiece any time, regardless of where you are. Let your decision-making much easier.

Get reliable certification

Coets has got good grades in TUV and SGS test reports and meet ISO standard. There’s been no question about our product’s safety, reliability, and quality.

Save your maintenance costs!

Considering a life-time use in outdoor space, we use all-weather materials to make our products as durable as possible. Your time and money can be saved for the easy maintainence.

Know what’s right for you!

Tell us your ideas. Our seasoned team members will figure out all the details and offer a satisfying proposal in your case.

Looking for a professional & reliable outdoor furniture manufacturer?

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.