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Outdoor Furniture Solution for Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel


Project name: Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel

Products: Ayers dining table set, Joe bar table set, Rex sun lounger

Year: 2019


Client’s Background

real shots (5 star hotel) outdoor furniture solution

Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotels is combining lifestyle and design, for business and leisure. The fully renovated, 5-star Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hôtel should own the luxury and modern outdoor furniture.


Coets offers several project proposals, Sketch Up, including 3D simulations service. Minimalist style outdoor furniture collection includes the brushed aluminum table and chairs, modern sun loungers etc is the best-pick for this hotel.


As a 5-star hotel, it owns a vast relaxation area: swimming pool, fitness center, sauna and treatment center. Various food and drink options: 2 restaurants, 3 bars. Customers love the vibrant atmosphere of its bars, and sophisticated cuisine of its gourmet restaurant.


The renovated area is the swimming pool, outdoor restaurant and bar area. How to choose the matched outdoor furniture is very important. When the customers sit, recline, eat, relax or entertain with our furniture, we believe the customer will have cozy and ample experience of six senses: from physical to spiritual. Please

yourself, please others.


  • The hotel used the rattan furniture in the past but the PE rattan is easy to break in one or two years and looks out of fashion, so we propose to use the brushed aluminum bar and dining set instead. The surface is 95% similar to the stainless steel, which is concise, durable and high-end.

  • The brushed aluminum sun lounger Rex is to replace the old rattan one. Rex is unique design like the sexy lady, it is light-weighted and also easy to move.

  • Brushed aluminum sofa set is the best outdoor furniture in this project. It is extremely comfortable, bringing the comfort of the outdoor living room. Enjoying the comfortable, delicate and the wrap feeling of the indoor sofa. The lower seat height, brings relaxation in an instant.
real shots patio table set
real shots (bar set supplier)
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