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Top 7 Patio Plastic Wood Furniture Trends of 2024 

Do you want to discover the latest trends in patio plastic wood furniture for 2024? Let’s stay ahead of the curve and obtain industrial insights together!

Table of Contents


2. 6 Determinant Factors While Selecting Outdoor Furniture

3. Top 7 Patio Plastic Wood Furniture Trends of 2024

4 .Where to Buy These Stunning Furniture Pieces?

5. Turning Your Outdoor Areas into a Magical Haven!


With the rapid growth of this society, in addition to the traditional focus on home design, modern patio furniture trends also become essential when decorating outdoor areas of people’s commercial or residential

spaces. Because of people’s increasing preference for staying outside, an outdoor area is one of the places where people create lots of memorable moments with their friends or family. As a result, selecting the right patio furniture that is suitable for outdoor spaces is one thing that most people would do.

What is more, when people choose outdoor furniture for their gardens or patios, they not only focus on functionality but also pay attention to its stunning appeal, cutting-edge materials, and comfort. In this article, I will reveal 6 factors that people care about when selecting suitable outdoor furniture and

the top 7 trends of patio plastic wood furniture in 2024. Let’s explore the amazing information about outdoor furniture together!

Outdoor garden with stylish sun lungers

6 Determinant Factors While Selecting Outdoor Furniture

Ergonomic Design

When selecting patio furniture for your outdoor areas, the most important factor is to prioritize comfort. Comfort is something that you cannot ignore when you are sitting on a chair or sofa. As a result, choosing

furniture that is crafted with ergonomic design can help you create a comfortable space outdoors. No matter whether you would like to take a nap on the sofa or have a joyful talk with your close friends in the garden, comfortable seating is indispensable. If you are also the type of person who prioritizes comfort, factors such as adjustable backrests, comfortable armrests, lumbar support, footstools or materials with a soft texture are something that you need to consider first.

Excellent Functionality

Functionality is a standard that can tell whether outdoor furniture is practical or not. Since outdoor furniture is normally placed in the garden, patio, outdoor lounge areas, hotel poolside and other open areas that are without any covers, people tend to choose furniture pieces that have a strong ability to withstand harsh outdoor elements such as strong sunlight, heavy rain, wind, snow and pests. With these excellent functionalities, outdoor furniture will not easily fade, break or rot, making it ideal and durable for various outdoor spaces. What is more, furniture that does not need too much cleaning and maintenance is also popular as it is convenient and can save lots of time for people.

Durable outdoor sofas with minimalist design- Coets

Neutral Tones That Can Fit Various Spaces

In today’s society, people’s beauty appreciation makes them prefer to choose outdoor furniture that is with neutral tones, such as black, white, grey, brown etc. That is because the colours with neutral tones can effortlessly fit in various spaces with different styles. Whether the area is in a traditional design, industrial design, simple design or modern design, furniture that is in neutral tones can fit with it. Nowadays, since people tend to spend more time staying outdoors to get rid of stress, they pay more attention to the decoration and ambience of the outdoor space. As a result, when they change the space layout or add some ambient decorations to the outdoor area, outdoor furniture with neutral colours will not look incompatible with the space.

Sustainable Materials

Because of people’s increasing awareness about environmental protection, the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable outdoor furniture has grown a lot. In order to contribute to a greener environment and align with

customers’ needs, many outdoor furniture suppliers have started to offer recycled alternatives to the furniture that is made of natural materials. In the following paragraph, I will introduce several types of sustainable materials that are commonly used in making outdoor furniture.

1. Plastic Wood

Synthetic wood is normally divided into two types, which are plastic lumber and wood-plastic composite (WPC). They are both artificial materials that do not bring much harm to our living planet. Plastic lumber is a synthetic material that is entirely made of virgins or recycled plastics such as HDPE, PVC, PP, ABS, PS and PLA. On the other hand, wood-plastic composite is not 100% made of plastics; it has some real wood pieces inside. These two materials are not only

recyclable but also strong and durable in outdoor settings.

sustainable plastic wood boards

2. Plastic Rattan

When talking about plastic rattan, it often refers to PE, PVC, and PU rattan. Among these three materials, PE rattan is the most popular as it is made of plastic, mostly HDPE (High-density Polyethylene), with a series of additive materials including pigments, antioxidants, anti-UV agents, light stabilizers, etc. It is a kind of sustainable material that brings no

harm to the environment. Leisure Touch Rattan always produces its rattan through exquisite craftsmanship,

making the plastic rattan not only have the real look of natural rattan but also have lots of benefits to surviving outdoors.

100% recyclable pe rattan- LTR

3.      Aluminium

This material is suitable for outdoor furniture as it is both lightweight and strong, which can maintain good quality and survive for a long time outdoors. When aluminium furniture is time to be replaced, it can be collected and recycled by professional institutions. It can be recycled over and over, making it a premier choice for environmentalists.

Modular Seating

Outdoor furniture that is made of modular design is becoming a trend for most people since modular seating solutions offer convenience for people. This kind of sofa is normally crafted from individual parts which allow

people to rearrange or move the single seating based on their needs and preferences. Furthermore, if there are some stains on one of the components or if you want to replace a broken seating, you only need to purchase a new single

seating instead of replacing the whole set of furniture, which is cost-effective for the furniture owners. Coets‘ innovative modular sofa sets not only provide you with a convenient outdoor solution but also offer you an aesthetic

outdoor space with stylish and trendy designs.

Minimalist Style and Sleek Design

When people are selecting outdoor furniture, they now prefer to opt for furniture that is with minimalist design. This behaviour means that people are gently stepping away from bulky designs. Furniture pieces that have

clean lines, and simple geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles have become people’s favourite picks. Besides, appealing minimalist and sleek design can seamlessly blend with nature, bringing people a well-balanced

outdoor living environment.

Modular sofa set with sleek design

After knowing the 6 factors people care about while purchasing their patio furniture, it is time to reveal the beauty of the top 7 trendy outdoor furniture pieces of 2024. Are you interested in this topic? Let’s discover the charms and get some inspiration for your outdoor settings!

Top 7 Patio Plastic Wood Furniture Trends of 2024


1. Fairy Outdoor sofa set- Brushed Aluminium Version/ Champagne Version

This is a set of functional sofas with a modular design, which allows people to rearrange or move the single seating as they want. Each component is constructed with a sleek aluminium frame with a special brushing technique,

adding an additional layer of beauty to the furniture. There are two colours provided, which are the original aluminium colour and the unique champagne colour.

Fairy Modular garden sofas

Imagine that when you are sitting on this stylish sofa and having a conversation with your friends, the comfortable backrests which are made of high-quality synthetic fibre olefin and advanced quick-dry foam can effortlessly enhance your comfort, how relaxing the scene is! Besides, the armrests of the sofa are in a geometric shape- a rectangle, exuding a sense of contemporary sophistication. As a perfect complement to the sofas, the coffee

table is made of sustainable plastic wood; simple, stylish and durable.


Synthetic fibre olefin, brushed aluminium frames with two colours, quick-dry

foam, plastic wood.


Outdoor patio, garden, outdoor restaurant, lounging area.

2. Patio Aluminium Sofa set- Brushed Aluminium Version/ Champagne Version

Because of people’s pursuit towards industrial and minimalist designs, this set of sofas is also popular to be chosen. This product is slightly different from the last one. It is more suitable for smaller patios since it is designed into several independent seating parts, which do not require a large space to hold. Designed with geometric precision

and minimalist design, each aluminium-framed piece exudes an industrial charmand elegance. In order to ensure you a

relaxing and comfortable enjoyment in any weather conditions, the backrests are made of high-quality olefin material. This sofa set is crafted with neutral colours and can be fit into various settings with different styles, turning

your outdoor patio into a magical place.

Patio Aluminium Sofa Set


Synthetic fibre olefin, brushed aluminium frames with two colours, quick-dry foam, plastic wood.


Small patio, garden, outdoor lounging area.

3. Ayers Dining Set with Champagne Colour

Nowadays, as people raise their awareness about environmental protection, this sustainable dining set with elegance and functionality has become one of the top choices. If you are the type of person who is into

having a wonderful family dinner in the garden, this product is suitable for you. Crafted from aluminium frames and recycled plastic lumber, this dining set embodies durability, practicality and eco-consciousness. Besides, since plastic

lumber is a kind of material that does not need too much cleaning and maintenance, it is very easy to clean if there are stains on it after a feast. Whether enjoying a casual brunch or hosting a dinner party, this simple and aesthetic dining set creates a welcoming atmosphere where conversations flow and memories are made.

Ayer Dining set


Brushed aluminium frames with champagne colour, quick-dry foam, and plastic wood.


Patio, garden, outdoor lounging area, outdoor restaurant.

4.  Trevi Dining Set with Champagne Colour

This set of dining tables and chairs is similar to the last one but with a different table design. People like to choose it since it is the perfect fusion of style and sustainability. This dining table focuses on the design of clean lines and modern styles, making it a minimalist masterpiece in any outdoor area. It is constructed from aluminium frames and eco-friendly plastic lumber, which is durable and can be the most long-lasting decoration in

your garden. Paired with six chairs featuring steady sling fabric, this dining set ensures you a comfortable and carefree sitting. The simple yet refined aesthetic of this ensemble adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any outdoor

dining area, creating a welcoming ambience for sharing meals with loved ones.


Trevi Aluminium dining set


Brushed aluminium frames with champagne colour, sling fabric, plastic wood.


Patio, garden, outdoor lounging area, outdoor restaurant.

5.  Kerr Sun Lounger

When we talk about comfortable outdoor living, sun loungers must be the furniture that you might think about. By owning a comfortable sun lounger, you can spend most of your time outdoors just relaxing. This simple, stylish and industrial sun lounger adds a decoration to any outdoor oasis. The minimalist design of the aluminium frames pairs perfectly with the recycled plastic wood backrest, creating a timeless aesthetic that enhances the beauty of its surroundings. With the five-level adjustable backrest design, this lounger offers personalized comfort, making it an ideal choice for various

outdoor settings such as poolside areas, hotel lounge areas, gardens and so on. No matter you would like to take a nap, read books or just relax outdoors, this sun lounger can be your best partner.

adjustable sun loungers


Brushed aluminium frames, plastic lumber material.


Patio, garden, hotel lounging area, poolside area, beachside.

6. Victoria Side Table

This side table is one of the popular outdoor furniture as it is not only a convenient place to hold objects but also a simple decoration in an outdoor setting. Imagine that when you sit on an outdoor sofa and find that there are no places to hold a drink; it will be a problem and makes you feel inconvenient. At this time, a tiny side table can help. Crafted with aluminium

frames and sustainable plastic wood boards, this table embodies a green living without compromising on style. Whether it will be placed on a patio, deck, or balcony, this table serves as both a decorative item and a convenient surface

for holding drinks, books, or plants, making it an essential piece for outdoor lounging and entertaining.

simple and convenient side table


Brushed aluminium frames, plastic wood.


Patio, garden, lounging area, poolside area, beachside, deck, balcony.

7.  Hayley Picnic Table

For many outdoor enthusiasts, this picnic table must be their favourite furnishing. The simple integrated design connects the table and chairs together, which visually reduces the complexity of the space. The industrial-style aluminium frame and minimalist plastic wood complement each other, adding a touch of elegance to this simple yet stylish furniture. The

steady design of this picnic set ensures your every outdoor gathering is safe, comfortable and reliable. Imagine how happy it would be to prepare delicious food and fresh fruits on a sunny afternoon, and then enjoy this moment with

family and friends.

integrated picnic table


Aluminium frames, plastic wood.


Garden, lounging area, outdoor restaurant.

Where to Buy These Stunning Furniture Pieces?

After reading the above information, are you ready to elevate your outdoor living experience with these exquisite furniture pieces? Coets is your one-stop supplier for all your outdoor furniture needs. For the above trendy outdoor

furniture, we have extensive inventory in stock and ready to ship, you can bring these stunning pieces to your home without delay. As an experienced outdoor furniture manufacturer for more than 14 years, each item is strictly

inspected by our quality department, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction and enjoyment. Plus, with our efficient logistic services, you can get your furniture promptly. Products you order will reach your destination quickly.

Whether you’re furnishing a cosy patio or a hotel lounge area, Coets has the perfect selection to suit your style and needs. Don’t wait any longer to transform your outdoor space into a luxurious retreat. Contact us now for more information!

Coets– Your one-stop outdoor furniture solutions

Turning Your Outdoor Areas into A Magical Haven!

In conclusion, as people’s attention towards comfortable outdoor living continues to increase, the significance of modern patio furniture trends in both residential and commercial settings cannot be ignored. When they are selecting suitable outdoor furniture for their outdoor areas, there are 6 considerations they will take into account such as ergonomic design, functionality, colours and so on. What is more, with people’s

increasing awareness about environmental protection, sustainable outdoor furniture such as plastic wood furniture has become one of the trends. After unveiling the top 7 trends of patio plastic wood furniture for 2024, you might get some inspiration to decorate your garden or patio, let’s bring your favourite

products of Coets home and turn your outdoor areas into a magical haven now!

Amber Zhang

Hi, I’m the author of this post. Over the past 10 years, we have helped 55 + countries and 350+ clients with outdoor furniture layout solutions. If you have any problem with outdoor settings, call us for a free quote or discuss your solution.

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