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Project:Club Simared Baia Mare Import Outdoor Furniture


Project name: Club Simared Baia Mare

Products: Erica dining set, Rex sun lounger, Huron bar table and chairs.

Year: 2019


Client’s Background

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It is a natural club for the clients to relax in. It is an oasis, of peace and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The client said, “I wanted to create an experience designed for young families, with activities to entertain the kids whilst allowing the adults to relax and enjoy their Sundays. An atmosphere with great music, fun and awesome local eats.” Coets outdoor furniture helps to realize this dream.


Customers like the simple, leisure outdoor life. Less is more, the high-end outdoor dinning set , outdoor bar set and sun loungers will be the vivid ambience of the club outdoor area. People all want to be comfortable while they’re sitting outside. That’s why we want to get the best outdoor furniture we can afford.


Coets provides the individually-created configurations and placement suggestions as well as professional color proposals with our Rex sun lounger, Erica dining set and Huron bar sets for the outdoor areas in this beautiful club. Outdoor dining can be a very social and fun experience. But we also want the clients to feel comfortable, so we’ve made sure our range of chairs are styled with comfort in mind.


  • Different proposals for different outdoor area. 
  • Sketch up and 3D simulations service.
  • What’s more, light weight is one of the advantages of Coets outdoor furniture, people can move the outdoor dining set easily. The brushed aluminum is 95% similar to the stainless steel and with the anti-aging finish.
  • Coets bar chairs are great for outdoor restaurants, events and picnics. They’re lightweight, packable, and easy to transport.
  • Made of durable brushed aluminum and the plastic wood, this Erica dining table and chair is perfect for the outdoor restaurant area.
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