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Amethyst Hotel Pattaya: Importing Rooftop & Poolside Outdoor Furniture

Project Overview

Project Name: Amethyst Hotel Pattaya

Country: Thailand

Order Date: May 2022


  1. Outdoor corner sofa Fairy
  2. Sun lounger Rolland
  3. Sun lounger Gold Coast
  4. Rattan lounge chair Praha
  5. Side table Victoria
  6. Bar table & stool Marley
  7. Bar stool Joe
  8. Dining table Erica (60*60)
  9. Dining chair Claire

Client’s Background

Amethyst Hotel Pattaya is a luxury four-star hotel located in the heart of Pattaya, Thailand, famous for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. This upscale hotel offers breathtaking panoramic city views, an ultramodern fitness centre, and a spacious terrace featuring a beautiful swimming pool and an outdoor dining area, perfect for romantic evenings or memorable gatherings with friends and family.

Upon careful evaluation of our catalogue, the project leader from Amethyst Hotel expressed his utmost satisfaction with our exceptional design ideas and overall originality. Impressed by the creativity of our in-house designers, he specifically requested a layout proposal for the terrace, which we were more than happy to provide.

Our team of experienced designers held a comprehensive group discussion, taking into account all the relevant information provided by the client, as well as the terrace plan. To ensure optimal utilisation of the available space, we meticulously compared different layout options, weighing the pros and cons of each, until we finally arrived at the most innovative and customized proposal that perfectly met the client’s needs and expectations.

Source: Amethyst Hotel Pattaya

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected.

Coets’ Solution

To enhance the overall experience of customers, we have several recommendations to expand the lounging and dining area.

Firstly, we suggest a row of brushed aluminium sun loungers within the pool’s shallow area. Not only does this provide more space for customers to relax, but it also offers a unique experience of lounging inside the pool, which is sure to delight the hotel’s guests.

Secondly, we recommend adding rattan lounge chairs Praha and a table inside a bell-shaped glass room. The classic rattan wicker pattern and natural dark brown colour of Praha add a touch of material diversity to the dining section, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Guests can enjoy their meals while taking in the scenic view through the glass walls.

Thirdly, we propose a row of Marley bar tables and stools alongside the glass railing. Marley features a spacious rectangular dining table top made of eco-friendly plastic wood, which is easy to clean, sturdy, and can withstand weather elements. The bar tables and stools provide a more casual dining option for guests, allowing them to enjoy a drink or a quick snack while taking in the stunning views.

Lastly, we suggest adding our modular outdoor sofa Fairy to offer customers another seating option. Guests can now enjoy a long conversation with a group of people on the terrace while lounging on the comfortable sofa. The highlight of Fairy is the contrasting colour scheme for the throw pillowcases and the fabric of the seating. The elegant grey of the seating represents the minimalism and calmness of Coets, while the bright, colourful cushions placed on it add vitality to the whole furniture. We take pride in our attention to detail, and we have adapted the sofa unit’s size to fit the irregular space in the corner of the terrace, making the most of the available space. We believe that our recommendations will provide an enhanced experience for the customers and make their stay memorable.

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