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Konocti Harbour Resort: Sourcing Brushed Aluminium Sun Loungers from China

Project Overview

Project: Konocti Harbour Resort

Address: 8727 Soda Bay Rd, Kelseyville CA 95451

Country: USA

Order Date: February to March, 2022

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Client’s Background

Konocti Harbour Resort is a spectacular destination that offers a wide range of activities and amenities set amidst stunning natural beauty. The resort is situated on 137 acres of breath-taking land at the foot of Mount Konocti, on the southern shore of Clear Lake. The location is renowned for its unparalleled beauty, and it is well-known among fishing enthusiasts for its exceptional bass fishing.

The resort features five lakefront buildings, which house 124 fully renovated rooms and suites. Each room is designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation to their guests. In addition to their comfortable accommodations, they offer a range of amenities designed to meet the needs of their guests. Their marina is perfect for guests who want to explore the lake. They have three restaurants that serve delicious cuisine, including locally sourced ingredients. Their 1500+ capacity theater/concert hall is perfect for guests who want to enjoy live entertainment, while their 150 capacity pool area is ideal for those who want to relax and unwind.

At Konocti Harbour Resort, they pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service. Their staff are dedicated to catering to the needs of their guests, whether it’s a family gathering, corporate event, or solo retreat. They offer a wide range of facilities and activities to ensure that their guests can make the most out of their stay. They are constantly adding new amenities and services to their offerings, guaranteeing that there is always something new and exciting for guests to experience.

Finally, they provide a convenient resort shuttle service to transport their guests within the property. Their shuttle service is designed to take the hassle out of getting around, allowing their guests to focus on enjoying their stay.

sun lounger wholesale for Konocti Harbor Resort (overlook)

Source: Konocti Harbour Resort

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Coets’ Solution and Service

Coets outdoor furniture seamlessly integrates into the project of the resort, enhancing its ambience and providing comfort for guests.

Our exquisite collection includes the elegant and inviting Zoe outdoor sofa, where guests can relax and unwind in style.

The Rex sun loungers offer the perfect spot for sunbathing and enjoying the picturesque surroundings. They are made of high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the elements. They are comfortable and perfect for guests who want to relax and soak up the sun. The loungers are easy to adjust, allowing guests to find the perfect position for their comfort. They are the perfect addition to any outdoor space, providing a comfortable and stylish seating option for guests.

The Victoria side table complements the seating arrangements, providing a convenient surface for drinks and personal items.

The Marley dining table and chair combination creates a lively and social atmosphere, ideal for guests to gather and enjoy their favourite beverages.

The Trevi dining table is a rectangular table made of plastic wood, which can withstand the elements. The table can be extended to accommodate additional guests, making it ideal for large gatherings. It is paired with lightweight and comfortable Joe dining chairs made of brushed aluminium, together they create a lively and social atmosphere perfect for guests to gather and enjoy their favourite beverages.

Additionally, each product is accompanied by a protective cover, ensuring that they remain shielded from sunlight and adverse weather conditions during the low seasons. With Coets outdoor furniture, the resort creates a cohesive and inviting outdoor space that exceeds guests’ expectations.

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