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Project:The VUE rooftop restaurant purchase furniture


Project name: The VUE rooftop restaurant and bar

Product: Erica dining table and Joe chairs, Claire bar chairs

Year: 2019


Client’s Background

In this rooftop restaurant, you can enjoy the spectacular view by having a unique dinner with VUE or just having one of our signature cocktails designed just for you. It is a newly-open restaurant in Aruba.

Brushed aluminum outdoor table and chairs is a great choice for this rooftop restaurant and bar, because it can withstand the elements better than most other types of metal. It is also highly durable and very easy to clean. The process of brushing aluminum creates an even coating throughout the entire piece of furniture.

This provides a smooth finish which makes cleaning easier and helps protect against scratches and dents caused by heavy use in harsh weather conditions such as windstorms or rainstorms. The patrons love the way of Coets outdoor dining table and chair pair with the VUE restaurant, which creates a casual, yet elegant atmosphere.


For different areas, clients need to use different outdoor furniture to distinguish between the VIP areas and the other dining areas. In addition, our customer also need customized furniture for dining at the waterside. Therefore, with its excellent R&D capabilities, Coets offers the overall output scheme to meet the client’s demands.


  • A new design with special U shape for the waterside sofa set which can match the sea grass plastic wicker and outdoor cushion.
  • Overall output scheme is in line with the drawing from the customers.
  • Good bar chairs are the perfect way to set up the bar, whether the client is hosting a party or just gathering friends. We’ve got the best ones for you.
  • Advantages: 1. Extreme comfort 2. Stylish colors 3. Unique design 4. 95% similar to stainless steel.
  • Brushed aluminum outdoor table and chairs are the great choice for this rooftop bar and restaurant. It is made of aluminum and has a brushed finish that gives it a bit of texture and helps to protect the finish. The brushed finish also provides an attractive look that will last throughout the years.
real shots (bar stools)
real shots (rooftop restaurant table set)

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