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Top 8 Popular Sustainable Plastic Wood Furniture Brands

Are you interested in plastic wood furniture brands with innovative designs for your home or business? Dive into our comprehensive guide and make informed choices for sustainable living.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Popular Plastic Lumber Furniture Brands

3. Recommended Outdoor Furniture Pieces for You

4 .Conclusion


In the outdoor furniture industry, plastic wood has become a sustainable and durable alternative to traditional materials like natural wood because of its numerous advantages. Plastic wood is also called plastic lumber, synthetic lumber, artificial lumber and so on, which has a strong capacity to withstand the unpredictable harsh weather outdoors, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. In this article, I

am going to introduce the top 8 suppliers in the world that are specialized in producing plastic wood outdoor furniture.

Each of them has a commitment to product quality, innovation, and eco-conscious practices. No matter whether they are manufacturing composite decking materials or recycled plastic wood, these popular brands are always dedicated to crafting outdoor furniture that is both practical and fashionable, offering you a choice that can be blended into various settings. Plastic wood furniture that is with novel designs, exquisite craftsmanship, sustainable materials, and sophisticated testing processes can not only effortlessly enhance the ambience of your outdoor areas but also contribute to a greener ecological environment.

Recycled Plastic Wood Outdoor Furniture

Popular Plastic Lumber Furniture Brands

In the following paragraphs, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide about the top 8 plastic lumber furniture manufacturers in the world so that you can get some useful tips while selecting suitable outdoor furniture for your gardens, patios, engineering projects, or dealer shops. Below, each brand will be discussed with their company insights, product specialties and featured products. Let’s dive into it together!

Company Overview:

Trex Company, Inc. was founded in 1996, with more than 28 years of experience, it has become a leading

manufacturer of composite decking, railing, and outdoor living products in North America, which owns the largest market share of composite decking. In order to commit to sustainability, Trex is always dedicated to providing its customers with durable and low-maintenance outdoor furniture solutions with recycled materials. Their goal is to become a worldwide supplier following the guidance of innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility so that they can craft furniture or other products to enhance people’s way of outdoor living while minimising environmental

pollution. Wonderful craftsmanship, exceptional durability, and design excellence have increased the reputation of Trex in North America’s outdoor furniture industry.

Brand Specialty:

Trex Company focuses on the innovative use of composite wood (made of recycled plastic and wood fibres) to manufacture high-quality plastic materials or products that highly imitate the pattern, look and texture of natural wood. They offer a wide range of outdoor furniture solutions for people, including Adirondack chairs, dining sets, and benches.

Featured Product:

Trex’s featured product

Trex Adirondack Chair

This chair is popular since it can enhance outdoor relaxation with its durable construction, comfortable design, and resistance to fading, rotting, and splintering, which does not require additional care from people.

 Material: This product is made of Trex Transcend® composite decking material, which is a mixture of recycled plastic

and wood fibres.

Application: Perfect for outdoor lounging areas in patios, gardens and the poolside.

2. Coets

Company Overview:

Coets is a leading outdoor furniture supplier based in China; it has been dedicated to offering innovative and

high-quality outdoor dining furniture for more than 14 years. Coets is famous for its eco-friendly, minimalist and industrial style, aiming to deliver customers a comfortable, relaxing and pretty outdoor environment with high-end

outdoor furniture solutions. With people’s growing discussions about climate change and increasing awareness of environmental protection, being a sustainable furniture supplier is Coets’ social responsibility. As a result,

when Coets is designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture, recycled plastic lumber that has a similar look to real wood and the excellent practicality of plastics becomes the main material.

Brand Specialty:

Coets is known for its product excellence, professional craftsmanship, and high customer satisfaction. Except

for the eco-friendly plastic lumber material, special brushing craftsmanship is used to add a special brushing coating to the furniture, which provides a layer of protection and extra beauty. In order to enhance customers’ relaxing outdoor atmosphere, Coets also offers a wide range of other outdoor furnishings, such as sun loungers, parasols, bar stools and so on. Tailored-made customisation is also provided to customers to satisfy their various requirements.

Featured Products:

Aluminium Dining Set

This set of dining table and chairs is one of the best sellers in Coets and is known for its durability and weather resistance. These pieces are constructed with sturdy aluminium frames and recyclable plastic lumber that mimics the grains and texture of natural wood.


Material: Brushed aluminium and plastic lumber material.


Application: Best for both residential and commercial outdoor areas such as gardens, patios, hotel lounge areas, poolside areas, coastal areas, outdoor restaurants, and so on. It is a worthy long-term investment in your outdoor setting since it does not require frequent cleaning and maintenance.



Company Overview:

As an outdoor furniture supplier, I believe that you must be very familiar with this brand. POLYWOOD, established

in 1990, is a pioneer in eco-friendly outdoor furniture crafted from recycled plastic lumber. In order to be a socially responsible supplier, they always specialise in manufacturing sustainable, durable and stylish outdoor furniture

using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic lumber. Unlike the composite wood that I mentioned above, HDPE plastic lumber furniture is entirely made of plastics and does not contain any natural ingredients, such as real wood chips. This kind of furniture has a better resistance to different weather conditions, colour-fading, moisture and pests. POLYWOOD’s company philosophy is to deliver plastic lumber furniture that is stylish, long-lasting and environmentally friendly to people without bringing harm to the environment.

Brand Specialty:

POLYWOOD is famous for its stylish and durable plastic lumber outdoor furniture. Its products are mainly made of

high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic lumber, which has a novel design and is strong enough to survive in an outdoor setting for a long period.

Featured Products:

POLYWOOD’s hot-selling products include their Vineyard Adirondack Chair and Nautical 44-inch Dining Table, both

constructed from durable HDPE plastic lumber. The Vineyard Adirondack Chair adds additional timeless charm to outdoor spaces with its classic Adirondack design and weather-proof function.

POLYWOOD Vineyard Adirondack Chair

POLYWOOD Vineyard Adirondack Chair

Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic lumber which is recyclable and can be melted and reformed into new objects.


Application: This fashionable and comfortable ergonomic chair is ideal for enjoying leisurely moments on a

porch, lawn, garden, or beachfront.



4. Seaside Casual


Company Overview:

Seaside Casual was a company that was founded in 1996 in Rhode Island. It stands out in the outdoor furniture

industry since its furniture is all crafted from Envirowood™, which is a proprietary blend of recycled plastic and high-density polyethylene. It offers a wide range of sustainable, timeless and durable outdoor furniture pieces that

can withstand various outdoor elements such as strong sunlight, strong wind, heavy rain, and so on. Seaside Casual always emphasizes quality craftsmanship, environmental protection, and innovative design, aiming to create furniture

that enhances outdoor living spaces while minimizing environmental impact.

Brand Specialty:

As a premier brand in the outdoor furniture industry, Seaside Casual is dedicated in supplying high-quality

outdoor furniture with the high-end material Envirowood™. Except for the strict quality inspection, Seaside Casual’s furniture is also famous for its wide range of product selections and minimalist design, which can easily elevate

your outdoor gatherings with elegant and comfortable furnishings.

Featured Product:

Seaside Casual Portsmouth 7-Piece Dining Set

This set of dining chairs and table is in the design of minimalist style and simple colours. It offers the look of natural wood with the durability of recyclable plastic.


Material: Unique plastic lumber- Envirowood™ which is made of recycled plastic and high-density polyethylene. It needs low maintenance and is easy to clean.


Application: Perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining with family and friends.


5. Berlin Gardens

Company Overview:

Berlin Gardens, established in 1988, is based in Ohio and has been producing high-quality outdoor furniture for over

three decades. The special point about this brand is that they utilize poly lumber made from recycled plastic milk jugs to create durable and environmentally friendly furniture. They use their own unique way to craft luxurious and comfortable outdoor furniture, providing people with a harmless, joyful, and relaxing outdoor leisure moment with premium poly lumber. Its product is known for its durability, resistance to fading, and ease of

maintenance. Quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction are things that they care about the most, which is supporting them to contribute to a greener and healthier lifestyle.

Brand Specialty:

Berlin Gardens specializes in crafting luxurious and comfortable outdoor furniture using premium poly lumber, known

for its durability, resistance to fading, and ease of maintenance.

Featured Products:

Berlin Gardens’ top-selling products include their Classic Terrace Deep Seating Sofa and Garden Classic Dining

Table, both constructed from poly lumber derived from recycled plastic milk jugs.  


Material: Poly lumber (recycled plastic milk jugs)


Application: Provides comfortable seating for relaxing outdoors, whether on a patio or in a garden.

The luxurious dining set and sofa set ensure you and your friends or family can have a wonderful time outdoors.


6. LuxCraft

Company Overview:

LuxCraft was founded in 1990 and its Headquarter was set in Ohio. It is an outdoor furniture supplier that has been

dedicated to manufacturing maintenance-free outdoor furniture with premium recycled plastic lumber. They pride themselves as a high-quality and trustable furniture supplier since they always produce durable and stylish furniture

pieces for their customers. LuxCraft specializes in crafting handcrafted outdoor furniture using poly lumber made from recycled plastics such as milk and detergent bottles, ensuring their products have the best functionality of

longevity, weather resistance, and minimal maintenance.

Warm Earth Colour Tone in Outdoor Settings

Brand Specialty:

LuxCraft is a company that is dedicated to manufacturing handcrafted outdoor furniture by using post-customer

waste such as milk bottles, water bottles and so on, offering people a sustainable and comfortable outdoor furniture choice. At their Ohio Amish Country workshop, professional craftsmen draw upon traditional woodworking

techniques to build each piece for a lifetime of use.

Featured Product:

LuxCraft Classic Terrace Deep Seating Collection.


Material: It is made from heavy-duty poly lumber that highly imitates the look and texture of real wood. It is a kind of

recycled plastic that brings no harm to the environment.


Application: This collection is the best partner for the outdoor lounging area as it provides people with a

comfortable and relaxing seating option while enjoying socializing with others.

classic deep seating collection

7. Trex Outdoor Furniture 

Company Overview:  

Trex Outdoor Furniture is a subsidiary of Trex Company, Inc. Unlike the parent company, Trex Outdoor Furniture only

specializes in the area of premium outdoor furniture. It manufactures high-quality, eco-friendly and aesthetic outdoor furniture with its signature composite decking materials. (What we talked about at the first brand) Aligned

with the mission and philosophy of Trex Company, Trex Outdoor Furniture also focuses on supplying recyclable plastic lumber furniture with the look of natural wood and the low-maintenance benefit of composite materials. In order

to provide satisfying products and services to their customers, they emphasize product innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility, which has gained an excellent reputation from their loyal customers.

Brand Specialty: Trex Outdoor Furniture excels in creating stylish and durable outdoor furniture pieces using composite lumber, offering people an environmentally friendly alternative to natural wood.

Featured Products:

Trex Outdoor Furniture Yacht Club Rocking Chair

Simple rocking chair

This rocking chair is in a simple but stylish design which effortlessly adds coastal-inspired charm and durability to your outdoor spaces. It is sturdy enough to hold much weight so that you and your friends or family can enjoy the wonderful sunset moment on it.


Material: Trex composite lumber, which is made from recycled plastic and wood fibres. It is a kind of more durable, practical and cost-effective material compared with real wood.


Applications: Perfect for relaxing and enjoying outdoor views from a porch or deck; in gardens or



8. Highwood USA

Company Overview:  

Highwood USA, based in Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of synthetic wood outdoor furniture. In order to

commit to our living environment, they aim to produce furniture using recycled materials and sustainable practices. Highwood USA specializes in producing eco-friendly and low-maintenance outdoor furniture using their proprietary

synthetic wood material. They promise that their products are all 100% made in the USA by skilled Pennsylvania craftsmen and ensure that their customers can enjoy a completely relaxing outdoor leisure with their exquisite natural-like plastic lumber furniture.

Brand Specialty: Highwood USA specializes in producing innovative, practical, eco-friendly and low-maintenance outdoor furniture using their proprietary synthetic wood material, which offers the warmth and beauty of real wood without the upkeep.

Featured Products:

Highwood USA Lehigh Porch

relaxing garden porch swing

Classic porch swing design with a realistic wood-like appearance, which attracts people to sit on it and enjoy the wonderful outdoor moment.

Material: Synthetic wood (proprietary material) that is durable and weather-resistant; and requires no staining or painting.

Application: Provides a comfortable and stylish seating option for swinging and relaxing outdoors. Best to be used in places like backyards, hotel lounge areas or resorts.



Recommended Outdoor Furniture Pieces for You

Whether your role is an outdoor furniture dealer, a project engineer or a space designer, understanding how to

elevate the space atmosphere is quite important. If you would like to create a warm, peaceful and relaxing outdoor area, choosing outdoor furniture pieces that are appealing and comfortable can help a lot! Here are a few ideas about

recommended furniture pieces for your outdoor spaces.

Stylish plastic Lumber Dining Set

The dining set is the place where people often have a joyful meal with their friends or family. If you place a

set of dining table and chairs in your garden, it can be a cosy and warm space for you in your backyard. Besides, since

these pieces are made of synthetic wood and aluminium, it is sturdy and strong enough to stay outside which also does not need too much maintenance from you.


Modern Plastic Lumber Bar Set

If you would like to chill or have quiet conversation with your friends under the starry sky in the evening, a set

of bar stools will be an ideal choice for you. The minimalist style and industrial design allow it to fit in different outdoor settings. The perfect combination of sustainable plastic wood and steady aluminium frames creates a carefree and harmless moment for you outdoors.

Comfortable Modular Aluminium Sofa

A modular sofa is a premier selection for people who would like to create a lounging area in the outdoor space.

Stylish aluminium frame and cushions that are made of quick-dry foam make it suitable for outdoor settings. What is

more, with the modular design, you can reschedule the seat and move it to anywhere that you want to suit your needs.

Minimalist Sun Lounger

If you like to spend time outdoors drinking juice, reading books or just chilling, placing a sun lounger with a

minimalist design in your garden is a good choice. This sun lounger is made of sturdy aluminium which can be resistant to various outdoor weather situations. It will not easily rot or break under the humid environment, making it suitable

for places around the poolside, ocean and resorts. You can just lie on it and take a nap on a breezy afternoon.

Recommended outdoor furniture pieces from Coets


Nowadays, since people are raising their awareness towards protecting the environment, many outdoor furniture

manufacturers have started to offer a sustainable option of furniture that is made of plastic lumber or composite wood. In the article, a list of the top 8 eco-friendly plastic lumber furniture suppliers is provided so that it is easier for you to select your ideal furniture pieces for your outdoor areas. As a leading outdoor furniture supplier in China for more than 14 years, Coets not only offers you outdoor furniture solutions that blend aesthetics and practicality together but also provides personal customisation services and timely customer support to help you create a comfortable, relaxing and carefree

outdoor lifestyle.

Amber Zhang

Hi, I’m the author of this post. Over the past 10 years, we have helped 55 + countries and 350+ clients with outdoor furniture layout solutions. If you have any problem with outdoor settings, call us for a free quote or discuss your solution.

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