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Top 6 Alfresco Sofa Manufacturers in Italy


Nobody can ever doubt the intrinsic relationship between leisure and happiness, and nor that between lying at the beach and leisure. Every summer, millions of people flock to the beach: children are splashing water at each other; adults are dozing at the chaise lounges under colorful umbrellas. But what about those who live so busy and so far away from beaches but still want to have some R&R time on a sunny Sunday? Well, the first thing that should get in their shopping cart: a chaise lounge. Hotels, swimming pools, resorts, parks and any similar places you name, will benefit enormously from a row of good quality sun loungers. The reason is pretty simple: it is always the right thing to do to make your customers happy staying with you.

So here is a list of American outdoor furniture companies curated by outstanding quality in chaise loungers. Now please check out the table of contents for the rest of this article:

  1. RODA
  3. EMU
  5. MOHD
  6. COETS

Italian Sofa Suppliers Recommended


Source: RODA

  • Company Name: RODA
  • Type of Business: Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer
  • Year Established: 1991
  • Location: Gavirate, Varese, Italy


In 1991, Roberto Pompa, an energetic young man with far-reaching vision of outdoor living esthetic, founded RODA. Roberto managed to recruit quite a few brilliant designers, such as Rodolfo Dordoni, to integrate design, functionality and innovation for all RODA furniture. In 2005, RODA became exceptionally globally recognized by taking part in the Salone del Mobile in Milan for the first time. Now RODA is in its third decade when it is already a mature enterprise and manufacturer that is required to be responsible for the sustainable development of the industry and the environment. Therefore, its core value is more of the durability of the daily life products, and zero pollution to our planet.

The sofas by RODA are not merely positioned outdoor, but closely interacted with the external environment: the nature. They are extremely recognizable due to their strong personality that differentiates one from another.

Dandy is exceptional because it brings all the indoor leisure and comfort outdoor, a perfect choice to enhance your alfresco space with cozy textile and durable structure.

The best sellers in sofa collections/sofa items by RODA:

  • Dandy collection
  • Basket collection
  • Eden collection
  • Laze collection

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Source: ETHIMO

  • Company Name: Ethimo
  • Type of Business: Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer
  • Year Established: 1980s
  • Location: Vitorchiano, Viterbo, Italy

Significantly influenced by Mediterranean culture and landscape, Ethimo has built up its company value as keeping a good balance between beauty, nature, culture and tradition in outdoor furniture design and manufacturing. It was the first to bring a complete line dedicated to the mountains and received wide acceptance of the market.

With 40 years of experience in outdoor living and joint effort from international designers, Ethimo has inspired a series of collections that blend traditions effortlessly with up-to-date trends.

Costiera, a unique sofa collection, features voluminous cushions and the shape of the seats. The padding inside is technical that defines and supports the actual structure and shape. The use of bold stripe in woven textile gives a strong sense of sailing at a yacht, a classic feeling about Mediterranean Sea.

The best sellers in sofa collections/sofa items by Ethimo:

  • Costiera collection
  • Baia collection
  • Venexia collection
  • Calipso collection

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3. emu

Source: emu

  • Company Name: emu
  • Type of Business: Contract & Home Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer
  • Year Established: 1951
  • Location: Terni, Umbria, Italy

EMU used roughly 20 years to get to the stage when it had accumulated fairly enough collections of the company’s greatest hits. One of them is the Rio armchair. Initially, it was classified as garden chair; then, two American operators showcased Rio in their warehouse advertising that it fit all environments. Since then, Rio became incredibly popular for many years.

However, there were two more important things happened in EMU’s growth process. One is its partnership with IKEA during 1980s and ‘90s, facilitating the project of large-scale automated production plant and global distribution. The other is the LVMH becoming a big shareholder of EMU in 2005, during which period the company started working with international major designers and successfully entered the market niche called “accessible luxury”.

EMU dedicates itself to working with and protecting metal. The Cannole seating system has a welded structure made up of steel tubes, with slim legs made of tubular steel. The collection consists of: Corner module sofa, linear module sofa, pouf, lounge chair and low table.

The best sellers in sofa collections/sofa items by EMU:

  • Cannole collection
  • Athena collection
  • Carousel collection
  • Dock collection
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4. Tomassini Arredamenti

  • Company Name: Tomassini Arredamenti
  • Type of Business: Contract & Residential Outdoor Furniture Supplier
  • Year Established: 1970s
  • Location: Terni, Umbria, Italy

Based in the center part of Terni, Italy, Tomassini Arredament was initially a small shop selling modern furniture, which soon became a reference point for citizens who wished to decorate their home with stylish furniture. It was long before Tomassini Arredament expanded to a brand new showroom and a carpentry workshop that made customizable furniture at the require of every single customer.

Tomassini Arredament is mover and shaker in its market—many innovative products are highly appealing. The Trampoline Love Bed is one of them. It recalls some playful childhood friends and those joyful memories. Of a shape like an island, it is also a love bed for couples that need some intimate cuddling time. Characterized by a stainless steel frame, decorative rope and three spacious back throw pillows padded with polyurethane foam, this seating is an excellent product to liven up your outdoor space, matching thick summer tree shade, and warm blue sky days.

The best sellers in sofa collections/sofa items by Tomassini Arredament:

  • CASSINA Trampoline Love Bed
  • B&B ITALIA Erica ’19 Outdoor Sofa
  • TALENTI Frame Outdoor Sofa
  • FLEXFORM Hamptons Outdoor Sofa
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5. mohd

Source: mohd

  • Company Name: mohd
  • Type of Business: Luxury furniture Supplier and Design Service
  • Year Established: 1968
  • Location: Messina, Italy

Mohd is worldwide leading luxury furniture distributor and design company with over 50 years of experience. It is working with 400 brands, running 3 showrooms, delivering 20k furniture items every year. The mission of the company is to offer the best catalogue of international design, including the most valuable brands and the potential ones in near future. Apart form furniture, it also provide exclusive selection of lighting, kitenware, and other home accessories.

If you are looking for a concise sofa to enhance outdoor dining quality, take a look at this 473 Dine Out 2-Seater Sofa for Cassina brand at e-mohd. You can spend long moments of relaxation with the one you love with a few cocktails, or enjoy a good dinner with children or parents. If you are a contractor or restaurant owner, this can be put on the list of centerpieces.

The newest in sofa collections/sofa items by mohd:

  • Imane Outdoor Sofa by Paolo Castelli
  • Fat-Sofa Outdoor by B&B Italia
  • Lisa Sofa Filo by S CAB Design
  • Yves Sofa by Porada
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6. Coets

Source: Coets

  • Company Name: Coets
  • Type of Business: Outdoor Dining Furniture Manufacturer
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Location: Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Coets bases in Lecong Town, which is well known for its historic and intensive furniture manufacture industry in China. We have been growing through thick and thin, from 2009 till now, from expanding the original factory size to 1,260 sq. m, to successfully landing the project of three major showrooms at the headquarter. We believe in the perseverance in rigorous standards in outdoor patio furniture, the continuous research and development in product design and technology, and the responsibility of protecting eco system as a qualified enterprise.

We have been concentrating on improving outdoor patio sofa design and quality from the very first day Coets established. Our in-house designers never stop comparing, testing, adjusting, and optimizing until they can find no flaws in the product idea. Our artisans are fully occupied at work, paying the best attention to every last detail, making sure there is no error in every step of the production process.

The sofa collection, Fairy, is one of our best sellers. It features the visual element of the champagne brushed aluminum tube-frame, and comfortable seating and cushions padded with high density sponge. It consists of: two armchair, one 2-seater sofa, and a coffee table. It has been so popular that later we also released Fairy-Modular Collection, providing more sensible and flexible choices for different business spacing and planning.

Patio Aluminum Sofa Furniture Fairy Bulk

More sofa collections/sofa items by Coets:

  • Fairy Modular
  • Ashley Garden Sofa Modular
  • Zoe Minimalist Alfresco Sofa

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Italian furniture has a strong identity of made-in-Italy, being harmonious with nature and local culture, preserving essential traditions in the process of indoor & outdoor, residential & commercial furniture evolution.

Learning from these Italian furniture artisans and designers, Coets people are updating our own knowledge and skills to better fit in outdoor dining furniture competition worldwide. If you are interested in finding a trustworthy Chinese furniture business partner, or looking for any particular type of outdoor furniture made in China, please send us a message today!


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