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Top 6 Patio Dining Table and Chair Suppliers in Italy


Looking for ideas to maximize your outdoor restaurant space? As a matter of fact, the way you furnish the space is closely influenced by the design of the furniture, considering the size and shape. Moreover, the quality, style and unity of the outdoor furniture are more important and efficient to help boost business at a restaurant, a café or a bar.

So today, let us walk you through the best Italian dining table and chair manufacturers and suppliers for some fresh insight.

Below is the table of contents for the remainder of this article:

  1. Coets
  2. S•CAB
  3. B&B Italia
  4. Cassina
  5. Talenti
  6. Flexform

Six Italian Companies Recommended

1. Coets

Source: Coets

  • Company Name: Coets
  • Type of Business: Outdoor Dining Aluminum Furniture Supplier
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Location: Foshan, Guangdong, China


We, Coets team, are gathered to design, create, and produce high-quality furniture for outdoor dining business. Why choose Coets outdoor dining tables and chairs for your restaurants, cafes, bars on rooftop or by poolside? Because we know what kind of furniture outdoor dining environment requires. Firstly, we select a hard type of plastic wood as table top with special finishing, allowing the table top stand against high level of wear and tear, and constant cleansing. Besides, we pick sling and double-sling padded with quick-dry foam as seating material, which withstand long sun exposure, heavy rain, and mildew & bacteria growth.

Scene graph (rooftop table and chair set)

More outdoor dining tables and chairs from Coets:

  • Dining Table Erica
  • Dining Table Fay
  • Dining Table Ayers
  • Dining Table Marley
  • Dining Chair Claire
  • Dining Chair Joe
  • Dining Chair Delia

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Source: S•CAB

  • Company Name: S•CAB
  • Type of Business: Producer of Furniture and Accessories
  • Year Established: 1957
  • Location: Coccaglio, Brescia, Italy

SCAB Design was S•CAB’s formal name. This name change represents a step forward for the company to be more contemporary and therefore stay in trend. The highlighted S of “sedute”(chair) underlines S•CAB’s core business. In a recent decade, this producer is putting more and more resources into the use of steel, woods and fabrics, responding to the custom demands from increasing contract projects.

Below is Squid from S•CAB’s outdoor dining selections. Its table top can feature HPL(high pressure laminate) and marble tops, and available in the rectangular or hexagonal version. The reason it is named “Squid” is the aluminum legs resembling the shape of a squid bone.

More dining tables and chair from S•CAB:

  • Tripe series
  • Rhino series
  • Metropois series
  • Mirto series

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected.

3. B&B Italia

Source: B&B Italia

  • Company Name: B&B Italia
  • Type of Business: High End Supplier of furniture, Indoor & Outdoor, Home & Contract
  • Year Established: 1966
  • Location: Novedrate, Como, Italy

The B&B Italia Group is one of the biggest upscale suppliers of indoor & outdoor, residential & commercial furniture and finishes to the global market. Purchasers, designers, and contract dealers can get in touch with a special consultant by searching B&B Italia’s global dealer network directly: 1. US hub in New York, Contract hub in New York and Miami; 2. Hub in Hong Kong serving China and all Asian Pacific markets; 3. Headquarter and production sites are in Novedrate(CO). Caldogno (VI) houses the HQ an the production site of Arclinea.

The brand is currently running a project of 2022 Season’s Greetings across the globe with a concept of Christmas window on display. The massive use of red in the project is inspired by Chinese lanterns, which enlivens the atmosphere indoor and outdoor, increases the charm of the products in the context. Plus, the red color is a symbol of passion, which is an essential element of B&B Italia products.

Borea is new in outdoor dinning table section, featuring a mysterious and graceful color of dark purple table top made of lava stone. The glazed surface is made from a special glass of discarded TV or computer monitors throught an exclusive production process. It is available in two sizes, accommodating six or egiht people respectively.

More dining tables and chairs from B&B Italia:

  • Ayana collection
  • Butterfly collection
  • Canasta collection
  • Cosmos collection
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4. Cassina

Source: Cassina

  • Company Name: Cassina
  • Type of Business: Manufacturing Company of High-End Designer Furniture
  • Year Established: 1927
  • Location: Meda, Monza and Brianza, Italy

Cassina has rich experience in helping restaurants, cafes, lounge bars and hotels embellish the indoor and outdoor dining space with iconic, contemporary furnishings with authentic design and most refined materials.

Hospitality and hotels that have cooperated with Cassina are critical in the balanced mix of style, comfort, and functionality. Cassina never fails these clients: luxurious leather, exquisite finishing, careful contours and fromal simplicity all come together into a strong combination to fulfill an high-end, personalized settings.

Dine Out family of tables and chairs are well known for its sophisticated designer structure. It comprises a round teak slat table top and conical base in concrete or terrazzo.

More Outdoor tables and chairs from Cassina:

  • Dine Out with Square tabletop
  • Sail Out
  • Singapore Sling Outdoor
  • Lebeau Outdoor
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5. Talenti

Source: Talenti

  • Company Name: Talenti
  • Type of Business: Company Specialized in Design and Manufacture of Outdoor Furniture
  • Year Established: 2004
  • Location: Amelia, Terni, Italy

Talenti products are highly adaptable to flexibility and practicality demanded by reception or catering professionals, receiving high praise from its clients of a wide range: outdoor areas of hotels, resorts, spa, restaurants, cafes and lounge bars, but also yachts and cruise ships.

The innovative project of Talenti headquarter covers an area of 80, 000 sq.m, also known as a recovery project of the former Pastificio Federici. It is not merely a headquarter, but also a display window of Talenti’s values in respecting and promoting design and beauty.

The dining table of the Salinas collection highlights the wood column that support the natural teak tabletop.

More dining tables and chairs from Talenti:

  • Allure collection
  • George collection
  • Argo//Wood collection
  • Cruise//Teak collection
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6. Flexform

Source: Flexform

  • Company Name: Flexform
  • Type of Business: Indoor & Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer, with Sofa as Core Business
  • Year Established: 1959
  • Location: Meda, Monza and Brianza, Italy

Flexform’s Outdoor collection is inspired by the same concept of its interior décor products, emphasizing a sense of informal, timeless elegance, an understated style and unrivaled comfort. By carefully selecting materials for outdoor furnishings, it ensures the utmost sustainability and durability over time. They are always big hits on the market for use in outdoor settings like patios, porches, terraces, and rooftops.

I was amazed to learn that Moka collection was designed and firstly produced in 1939. Six decades has passed, yet nothing seems to change its beauty and modernity, with sophisticated, slender structure made of tubular austenitic stainless steel 316. The backrest highlights a simple but impressive X-design in a color palette, including earth tones, Bordeaux and olive green.

More dining tables and chairs from Flexform:

  • Academy Outdoor
  • Boma Outdoor
  • Desco Outdoor
  • Ortigia Outdoor

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A set of good quality, stylish dining table and chairs naturally spice up dining experience. Italian, well known for their passion for aesthetics, have put a lot of effort and attention to creating a type of “Made-In-Italy Outdoor Dining” that speaks for their taste and personality since global outdoor furniture markets saw rapid development back in 1940s to ‘60s.

Recently, aluminum and plastic wood are increasingly frequently used in these designer products. If you are interested in finding premium quality brushed aluminum outdoor dining tables, or plastic wood alfresco dining chairs from China, visit our product pages above, or download our product catalogue, and then start a conversation with us today!


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