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As an outdoor dining furniture wholesaler from China, Coets conducted this market research to provide our clients interested in the Thailand foodservice business and outdoor dining space with valuable insights. Our report aims to help businesses make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

1.Market Summary

Market Size

The outdoor catering industry in Thailand is projected to rise 4.3% annually from 2022-2027 (source: Mordor Intelligence).

The market value of the food service industry in Thailand is expected to reach USD 34.48 billion in 2023 (source: Statista).

Ranking in the Service Industry

The catering industry is ranked 7th in the service industry in Thailand (source: Statista).

Positive Growth Factors

Government stimulus, the lift of COVID-19 quarantine, people’s desire to spend more time outdoors, the rise of tourism (especially Chinese tourists), and social networking sites like Meta, Twitter, and Instagram augment the growth of the Thai outdoor foodservice market.

Potential Growth Space

The demand for outdoor dining spaces is expected to grow due to the popularity of open-air dining experiences.

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2.Market Segmentation

By Sector Type

• Full-service restaurants: restaurants that offer a full range of meals, including appetisers, main courses, desserts, and beverages, with table service.

• Quick-service restaurants: restaurants that offer a limited menu of pre-cooked or reheated food ready to serve, usually without table service.

• Cafes and bars: establishments that serve coffee, tea, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages, along with light meals and snacks.

• Street stalls and kiosks: small outdoor stands that sell food and beverages.

• 100% home delivery restaurants: restaurants that offer delivery services to customers’ homes.

By Structure

• Independent: Restaurants that operate as standalone entities, not part of a chain.

• Chained: Restaurants that are part of a chain of restaurants with a common brand, menu, and decor. Examples: KFC, Starbucks.

Source: unsplash

3.Market Drivers

Government Stimulus

The government’s economic stimulus package has helped boost the catering industry by providing financial assistance to businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lift of COVID-19 Quarantine

With the easing of restrictions, people are now more willing to go out and enjoy dining experiences outside their homes.

Desire to Spend More Time Outdoors

The increasing popularity of outdoor dining experiences has created a demand for outdoor dining spaces.

The Rise of Tourism

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand has increased, increasing demand for food and beverage services.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites like Meta, Twitter, and Instagram have augmented the growth of the Thai outdoor foodservice market by allowing customers to share their dining experiences online.

Source: unsplash

4.Market Restraints

Competitive Rivalry

The industry is highly competitive for the following reasons:

Firstly, there is a high threat of new entrants to the market due to relatively low barriers to entry. This leads to increased competition and pressures existing businesses to remain competitive in quality, pricing, and service.

Secondly, there is a high threat of substitutes, as many alternatives are available to customers regarding outdoor dining options. This means that businesses in the outdoor catering industry must constantly innovate and differentiate themselves from competitors to stay relevant and attract customers.

Lastly, buyers have a high bargaining power, as customers have many choices and can switch to a competitor if they are dissatisfied with the quality or service provided.

Global Economic Recession Impact

The impact of the global economic recession has affected the purchasing power of customers, leading to a decline in demand. As a result, businesses operating in this industry have had to adjust their prices and marketing strategies to remain competitive.

Fast Growth of Food Delivery Service

Food delivery service providers like Grab and Foodpanda have reduced the demand for dine-in services. Restaurants could consider offering dine-in-only discounts or promotions to attract customers.

Source: unsplash

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5.Competitive Landscape

The outdoor catering industry in Thailand is highly competitive. Companies are competing fiercely to gain and maintain market shares. Companies’ most common strategies include expanding their product portfolio, diversifying into related markets, and enhancing their distribution channels. Companies also invest in marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Key players Analysis

Yum! Brands Inc. is the leading player in the outdoor catering industry in Thailand. The company occupies a significant presence in the quick-service restaurant segment, and its popular brands include KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. It is known for its affordable and tasty fast food offerings. Yum! Brands has invested heavily in expanding its distribution channels and enhancing its online ordering platform to retain its customers.

Starbucks Corporation is another major player in the market. The company is known for its excellent coffee and snack offerings. Starbucks has invested heavily in enhancing its customer experience by providing free Wi-Fi and introducing a mobile ordering system that allows customers to place their orders ahead.

MK Restaurants Co. Ltd is a leading player in the full-service restaurant segment. The company operates a chain of restaurants that serve Thai and international cuisine. MK Restaurants has invested heavily in enhancing its customer experience by offering various menu items, providing free Wi-Fi, and introducing a mobile ordering system. The company has also expanded its distribution channels by partnering with popular food delivery services.

Source: mordor intelligence

Big brands’ expansion

In recent years, several big brands have expanded their operations in Thailand’s outdoor catering industry. Marriot International, for instance, has opened several hotels and restaurants in Thailand to cater to the growing demand for outdoor dining experiences.

Many restaurant owners in Thailand are willing to expand their outdoor spaces to increase revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction. Outdoor spaces provide a unique ambience and a chance to connect with nature, which many customers find appealing.

Healthy diet

There has been a growing trend towards healthy eating in Thailand’s outdoor catering industry in recent years. Many restaurants have started offering healthy menu items, such as salads and smoothies, to cater to health-conscious customers.

Customers increasingly seek unique dining experiences that offer a unique ambience. Many outdoor restaurants in Thailand are investing in creative décor, lighting, and music to create a unique ambience that sets them apart from their competitors.

Full-service restaurant chains offer takeout and delivery options.

Many full-service restaurant chains in Thailand offer takeout and delivery options to cater to the changing needs of their customers.

MADCAFE outdoor restaurant

Source: Coets

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7.Outdoor Dining Catering Feasibility

Opening an outdoor dining catering business in Thailand is a big decision. Check out the following factors:

The business requires a large space to accommodate tables, chairs, and other equipment. The location must have a beautiful view, natural shade, and weather protection to offer the customers a comfortable experience.

Get a permit from the local administration

Before opening a restaurant, the owner must obtain the necessary permits from the local government, including health and safety standards, environmental and noise permits, and liquor licenses.


The investment cost of starting an outdoor dining catering business in Thailand can vary regarding the location, size, and type of the business. The owner must determine the startup and ongoing costs of operating the business, including rent, utilities, staffing, food and beverage costs, and equipment maintenance.

Staff training

Staff must be trained in customer service, food handling, sanitation, and safety to provide quality service and maintain a hygienic environment.

Procure outdoor dining furniture

Choosing the right furniture is essential for the business’s success. The furniture must be durable, weather-resistant, easy to clean, and stylish.

Source: Coets

8.Outdoor Dining Furniture

Coets is a trusted one-stop solution for outdoor dining furniture in Thailand. Our products are of high quality, excellent service, on-time delivery, and stylish design. Coets offers a wide range of outdoor dining furniture, including the following:

Coets dining sets, Marley and Delia, offer a chic and modern design, perfect for outdoor dining spaces. The chairs are ergonomic, and the tables are made of weather-resistant material.

Bar tables and stools

Coets bar bistro sets, Fay and Joe, offers a sophisticated design suitable for outdoor bar areas. The size is customisable and made of high-quality brushed aluminium and plastic wood.

Sun loungers

Coets sun lounger, Rex, offers ultimate comfort and relaxation with its adjustable backrest and durable sling material.

Outdoor sofas

Coets outdoor sofas, Fairy, are perfect for creating a cosy and inviting customer atmosphere. The sofas can be configured freely, weather-resistant, easy to clean, and comfortable.


Coets parasol, Derek and Dale, offers excellent sun protection with its large canopy and easy-to-use design.

Source: Coets

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The outdoor catering industry in Thailand is experiencing growth due to the rise in tourism, government stimulus, and the lift of COVID-19 quarantine. The market offers potential growth opportunities for entrepreneurs who can overcome competitive rivalry and adapt to the changes in the industry. Coets is a reliable supplier of high-quality and stylish outdoor furniture suitable for various types of outdoor dining spaces in Thailand. Talk to our specialist today to get your project started!


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