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How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Pieces Best For You

Do you know the essentials of choosing the right outdoor furniture? Here are some tips to help you make the right decision!

Table of Contents


1. 5 Tips Before Purchasing Your Outdoor Furniture

  • Make A List About What You Want
  • Select The Outdoor Furniture That Is Easy To Maintain
  • Match The Outdoor Colours And Styles
  • Multifunctional Patio Furniture Is Better
  • High-quality Outdoor Furniture

2. Minimalist Outdoor Furniture For Your Place

  • Outdoor Sofas
  • Dinining Set
  • Bar Table And Bar Stools
  • Sun Lounger
  • Outdoor Parasol

3. Tips For Additional Outdoor Decorations

4. Time To Move Your Outdoor Areas To A New Height


During the hot waves of the pandemic, most people can only spend the whole day at home working or playing video games, which is really boring and unhealthy. In these two years, people start to go back to nature and embrace the fresh air outdoors whenever they want. For instance, they often go to the park and lie there to enjoy the nice weather or drink afternoon tea with friends or family in the backyard or garden.

With people’s ever-growing fondness for outdoor living and the increasing consciousness of environmental protection, people’s desire for stylish yet eco-friendly outdoor furniture has increased a lot. Do you have an outdoor space in your home or your workplace? Are you also looking for some furniture to decorate your commercial or residential outdoor areas? In the following paragraphs, I am going to help you figure out what kinds of outdoor furniture are suitable for you and give some additional suggestions for your garden decoration to increase your outdoor ambience.

Greener Outdoor Life Style With Eco-friendly Furniture

5 Tips before Purchasing Your Outdoor Furniture

Selecting furniture is a substantial investment that goes beyond financial considerations. It also demands your careful attention and thoughtful consideration. Before making the final decision on your outdoor furniture purchase, there are still lots of things that you have to consider first. Every different selection might affect the atmosphere and vibe of your outdoor spaces.

 1. Make A List About What You Want

No matter you are choosing outdoor furniture for your construction projects or garden areas, you should write down what kinds of furniture that you are intended to purchase based on these points: the functions you need for the selective furniture, the setting where you are going to locate the furniture and the how big the outdoor spaces are.


For example, if you want to create a place outdoors to gather your friends or family together to relax and have fun, a set of lounge sofas is your top choice. After that, you also need to consider how many seats you need for the sofas based on your family size or your preference. If the space is not big enough for a set of sofas, several outdoor chairs are suitable for you. Besides, if you are a designer and choosing some decorations for the poolside in a hotel or in a customer’s home, a sun lounger is a good choice because it matches the pool so well. After you make a comprehensive list of your preferred items and requirements, your purchasing steps will be simplified a lot!


Beachside Sun Lounger

2. Select The Outdoor Furniture That Is Easy To Maintain

When you are choosing patio furniture, you had better look for the furniture that is easy to clean and maintain. Patio furniture, different from indoor furniture, will be exposed to extensive sunshine, rain and wind outdoors. These factors make the outdoor sofas easy to cover with dust and dirt. As a result, you need to spend time cleaning the furniture. However, choosing patio furniture that is made of all-weather rattan, steel, plastic wood, and aluminium can largely reduce your time in outdoor furniture cleaning. That is because, these kinds of materials are popular partners for patio areas, they can withstand various weather conditions outdoor and do not need additional time to clean and maintain.


For example, for the plastic wood and brushed aluminium products, what you only need to do is: gently rub a dishcloth over the stained area, following the direction of the plastic wood texture and brushed aluminium. You can keep rubbing until the stains get lighter and vanish. Then, you can use a dry, clean cloth to wipe away any remaining moisture.

3. Match The Outdoor Colours And Styles

Beyond the basic outdoor furniture functionalities that I mentioned above, there is another essential factor that you need to think about, which is the styles and colours of the outdoor environment that you are decorating. When you are selecting outdoor sofas or dining tables, do not opt for furniture pieces that do not totally match your entire outdoor environment and settings.


For instance, if there are many beautiful plants in your garden or hotel lounge area, the furniture with green and natural style will be suitable, such as wicker rattan sofas, since they will bring you a sense of calm, nature and relaxation. Moreover, if you prefer a minimalist style, Coets’ brushed aluminium products will be your premier choice; which is simple, industrial and trendy, adding a layer of fashionable decoration to your place. If you successfully find furniture pieces that match both the styles and colours of your outdoor places, you will effortlessly level up your space atmosphere and aesthetics.

Take Into Account of the Patio Colour And Style

4.Multifunctional Patio Furniture Is Better

When people decorate their backyards or gardens, they often think about having patio furniture that can do more than one thing. The idea is simple: most people want to get good value for the money they spend. They like to spend less money and get more benefits. Choosing furniture that has multiple functions can help you save money and solve different problems. For instance, a modular sofa that can be put or separated into various shapes is a great option. You can move the sofa parts into different shapes, which is handy for different numbers of people and various outdoor spaces. Besides, an outdoor dining table that can be folded into one table or expanded into a long table is also multifunctional and convenient.


 5. High-quality Outdoor Furniture

Last but not least, choose furniture that is of high quality or has a quality guarantee. I believe that most of you have heard of this sentence:” You get what you pay for.” Although saving money is one of the crucial factors that we will consider, we cannot just choose cheap products blindly since they might have very poor quality. When choosing outdoor furniture, quality is very important since most outdoor furniture is exposed in an open space with no roof. Therefore, furniture with some international certifications is a good

option for you. You can verify that if the outdoor furniture is weatherproof, waterproof, anti-insect and so on.  This quality guarantee brings a safe, durable, and comfortable outdoor experience for you and your customers.


Some furniture not only has a bad quality but also has an unprofessional after-sales service. To give an example, when you ordered a bulk order for your customers and finally got the order after the long shipping days, you found there were some quality problems with the products, but the sellers ignored your messages or declined the mistakes; it would be so mad since you had invested lots of money and time in this order.

Beautiful And High-quality Dining Set

Minimalist Outdoor Furniture for Your Place

After knowing the five useful tips about choosing outdoor furniture, it is time for you to browse the products that suit your needs and preferences. Coets, a leading outdoor furniture supplier in China, is specialized in eco-friendly brushed aluminium and plastic wood furniture, offering people a one-stop solution with a wide range of exquisite outdoor furniture and professional services. Let’s explore more about various kinds of outdoor furniture with modern style that suit you and your customers’ different needs!

Outdoor Sofas

When considering what kinds of furniture should be put in the garden or outdoor lounge area, the outdoor sofa is one of the best choices for most people since a sofa can create a comfortable, relaxing and joyful place for people outdoors. With a set of sofas and a coffee table in the centre or the side of the garden,

you can sit down and spend a cosy day whenever you want with your friends or family. Different sofa sets with various designs and sizes are offered to suit customers with different space needs.


What is more, the brushed aluminium sofa is simple, trendy and modern. No matter whether you are going to purchase it for commercial use or residential use, it is a good choice. Because of the special brushed aluminium craftsmanship, it can be mature for the workplace outdoors and can be simple and fashionable for the backyard and outdoor restaurants. Outdoor sofas offer a perfect blend of comfort and style, making them ideal for enhancing the ambience of gardens and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Golden Hours With Delicate Furniture

Dining Set

Whether for casual gatherings or leisurely dining outdoors, a dining set includes a dining table and dining chairs can create an inviting space for you. It will be the warmest place where you create most of your joyful memories with your friends or family. A beautiful and stylish dining set graces your garden or outdoor restaurant and sets a place for unforgettable outdoor gatherings. Whether you would like to place it in a corner or the heart of your patio area, the dining table creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone who passes by, perfect for wonderful meals and sharing laughter under the sunset and stars.


When choosing, you should consider a table that is easy to clean since there will be some food stains left on the table after a party. The ergonomic design of the chairs is also important because it can offer people a comfortable place to sit, allowing them to embrace nature in relaxation. Coets’ dining tables and chairs are crafted with precision in brushed aluminium, which is minimalist and elegant. Even in unpleasant weather, the seating still shines like a diamond.

Bar Table and Bar Stools

A bar set that contains a high bar table and some bar chairs would be a good choice for a garden and hotel project or beachside luxury. These scenes were Coets’ bar sets designed for, in order to add a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces. Whether you are going to place the bar set in a chic hotel outdoors or a stylish garden, it redefines outdoor entertainment and elevates your social gatherings with the charm of brushed aluminium masterpieces, embodying both opulence and relaxation in your outdoor spaces. Imagine the scene in which you are on a beach, sitting on the bar chair and drinking a cup of yummy cocktail with your friends; the sunset is brightly shining in the sky and making the bar table sparkling; how beautiful this moment would be! You should choose the bar tables and chairs, which are built for excellent water

resistance and anti-oxidation since the poolside and beachside normally have high humidity. With the right bar tables and chairs, you can witness lots of life-long happy moments outdoors.

Wonderful Outdoor Leisure With Coets’ Bar Set

Sun Lounger

If you are decorating beaches, hotels, villas, resorts and poolside retreats, a sun lounger will be a suitable choice, especially if it is put beside the pool and ocean. A comfortable sun lounger with a simple, stylish and trendy design always builds a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere outdoors. You can totally lie down with a cup of drink or a book opened, immersing yourself in a sun bath, unwind yourself or take a nap by the pool during your leisure time.


There are three important points that you have to consider when buying sun loungers: breathability and durability of the materials, ergonomic design and portable functionality.  Since the poolside chairs need to remain cool and anti-oxidised, breathable materials can keep them dry and cool after a long time of use. Besides, ergonomic design can help you completely relax your body, enjoy the wonderful outdoor area, and embrace the fresh air. Moreover, if you are buying sun loungers for residential use, a foldable chair can largely save you space. You can easily store the furniture pieces when they are not needed.

Hotel Sun Loungers From Coets

Outdoor Parasol

Thinking about buying parasols for your outdoor places is a good idea. They provide a finishing touch to your outdoor heaven, whether it is a seaside resort, an outdoor restaurant, a hotel lounge area or a home garden. Coets’ brushed aluminium parasol not only provides people with a safe and cool place to escape sun exposure and wind, but it also offers shelter for the outdoor furniture that you purchase, adding a sense of contemporary elegance to the outdoor environment.


Since parasols are mostly used outdoors, they will meet various weather conditions. Remember to check whether the parasol is stable, wind-resistant and designed for all weather conditions when you are thinking of buying some. For example, can the frame and post of the product withstand all weather elements and remain in a steady position? Is the product strong and sturdy enough for strong wind in open seaside or high rooftops? Can the fabric used for the parasol be resistant to sunlight, water, and colour fade?  Make sure to double-check the properties to create a safe and comfortable outdoor relaxing place for you and your customers!


For more details about the product series of brushed aluminium, check out our online catalogue to enrich your outdoor spaces!

Tips for Additional Outdoor Decorations

sigarten’s List of Ambiant Decoration

Except for the outdoor furniture that I talked about above, consider purchasing some smallambient decorations for your outdoor spaces that can easily level up your garden or patio atmosphere.


  • Lantern

No matter whether you choose the candle or LED type of lantern, a small light

decoration at the side is warming up your delightful evening quietly with

beautiful flame or lighting.


  • Cushion

As a small and cheap ambient which can be put on sofas or chairs, it effortlessly

levels up your outdoor ambience with different colours, patterns and shapes.

  • Side table

As you recline on the outdoor sofa, gazing at the twinkling sky, the need for a

convenient spot to place your drinks arises. Opting for a chic and small side

table will be your best choice, creating a touch of style and comfort to your

outdoor relaxation under the night sky.


  • Screen

Sometimes, when you are having a conversation outdoors with your clients, friends, or

family, you might need a screen to create a private space. The trendy design of

the screen also makes it a perfect decoration in the garden.


  • Plant Stand

A brushed aluminium plant stand with a minimalist design can turn your outdoor

plant areas into a fashionable place and effortlessly enhance your outdoor


Level Up Your Outdoor Space

Time to Move Your Outdoor Areas to a New Height  

With the commitment to crafting excellent outdoor spaces, you should plan a step forward before you make the final purchasing decision. Outdoor furniture such as sofas, dining sets, bar sets, sun loungers, and parasols, is the ideal decoration for your outdoor areas under the open sky. They provide you with a comfortable, safe and relaxing place to stay in the garden, beachside, or hotel lounge area and add elegant, stylish and trendy decorations to your open space, making it an inviting outdoor scene.


When deciding what outdoor furniture to buy, you need to consider the factors about what you need, what the scene is, what materials are used and whether it matches the style of your home or workplace. Sometimes, with some ambient decorations such as lanterns and cushions, the atmosphere of your place will be enhanced to a new level. Coets will assist you with the purchasing process and offer you various one-stop solutions to satisfy you and your customers.

Amber Zhang

Hi, I’m the author of this post. Over the past 10 years, we have helped 55 + countries and 350+ clients with outdoor furniture layout solutions. If you have any problem with outdoor settings, call us for a free quote or discuss your solution.

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