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A Comprehensive Guide to Choose Dining Sets for Your Outdoor Haven

Do you find difficulty in choosing a suitable outdoor dining set? Check this article to get some useful information!

Table of Contents


2.Some Space Factors That Will Affect Your Decision

  • Consideration of the Space Size and Styles
  • Distance Between the Dining Set and Your Kitchen

3. Capacity of the Dining Table

4. Different Types of Outdoor Dining Sets

  • Aesthetic Rattan Dining Sets
  • Durable Brushed Aluminium Dining Sets
  • Refined Teak Wood Dining Tables

5. Other Decorative Items to Your Outdooe Paradise

  • Decorative fruit bowl or floral tablecloth
  • Pergola
  • Screen
  • Lantern
  • Cushion

6.Questions Regarding Shipping

7.Elevating the Atmosphere of Your Outdoor Space


In today’s fast-paced society, people often spend lots of time in studying, working or pursuing their dream. They have to experience various kinds of pressure in their daily lives. As a result, there is an increasing

desire among people to reconnect with nature and spend time outdoors.  Because of this situation, the allure of outdoor activities has never been stronger. Some people will choose to go out for a trip or do some outdoor activities with friends; some people will just stay outside to enjoy the beautiful nature. No matter what ways people choose to get rid of the stress, a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor setting will provide more physical and emotional support for them.

For example, those people who have a patio or garden in their homes might consider purchasing some comfortable and stylish furniture to enhance their outdoor enjoyment. As an outdoor space where people always spend some memorable hours with their friends and family, the purchase of a suitable outdoor dining set will be perfect for it. However, choosing the right set of dining tables and chairs for your relaxing outdoor space is not an easy task, since there are lots of factors that you need to consider. For instance, if you are an outdoor designer, the size and capacity of the dining set, styles and materials used for the table are crucial points that you have to think about. When you are making decisions, please do not forget to take into account the scenes where you are going to place the furniture.

Outdoor Dining Sets From Coets

Some Space Factors That Will Affect Your Decision

If you are considering getting a set of dining set for your garden or planning to enhance the outdoor atmosphere for a project of the hotel/ restaurant/ resort layout design, here are some useful tips that can help with you.

1.      Consideration of the Space Size and Styles

The first important thing needed to be think about is the size of your outdoor space. This factor is crucial since it decides that how big of the dining table you should shop for. If you measure the space size in advance, it can largely make your purchasing process more convenient by opting out the dining tables with unsuitable sizes. Image that when you place an oversized dining set in your patio or garden, it might look crowded and not comfortable. What is more, when you find it not suitable for your outdoor places after the installation; you have to disassemble the product and remove it again, which is tiring. However, by contrast, if the outdoor space is open and big such as a hotel lounge area or an outdoor restaurant, you might need to consider purchasing something else to increase the ambiance. It is also important for you to choose the dining sets based on your space style and colour, so that they can be matched together.

2.      Distance Between the Dining Set and Your Kitchen

As commonly understood, the dining table serves as a delightful gathering spot where people come together to enjoy delicious meals. Thus, careful consideration should be given to its placement within the outdoor space. For example, positioning the table in proximity to the kitchen makes you easier to pass the dished, ensuring convenience during mealtime. Conversely, if the dining set is situated too far from the kitchen, it may pose challenges when passing heavier dishes.

Consideration of Patio Space

Capacity of the Dining Table

Except the space consideration that we mentioned above, there is one more factor that you need to think about, which is the capacity of the outdoor dining table. Normally for those people who are buying a set of outdoor dining set for their garden, they will choose the table size based on the number of people in their family. However, if you want to place a large table in a small place, you can choose to purchase a foldable dining table which can adjust the length and size based on your needs. Your garden would be one of the most treasure places at home where laughs and fun is gathered, therefore, it is important for you to choose a right set of dining table to light up the atmosphere.

What is more, if you are the kind of people who are really into staying outside and embracing the nature with your friends or family, you can choose the dining set with larger capacity so that you can enjoy a comfortable and worriless outdoor moment. For those designers who are doing outdoor layout projects for hotels or outdoor restaurants, they need to consider various kinds of dining tables with different capacities to tailor customers’ needs.

Different Types of Outdoor Dining Sets

After thinking about the factors that we mentioned above, you can start to choose the outdoor dining sets that meet your various preferences. Just like other outdoor furniture, there are lots of styles and materials that outdoor dining sets are made from. Each material might express different feeling for you. If you choose the right material that matches your outdoor spaces, it can effortlessly level up your outdoor haven. What is more, various kinds of materials have different pros and cons. In the following paragraphs, I will explain it clearly for you!

1.      Aesthetic Rattan Dining Sets

Rattan material, especially plastic rattan, is a kind of relatively new but popular material for outdoor furniture. Outdoor dining set that is made of plastic rattan is one of the top choices people would choose when they are

shopping for their outdoor havens. That is because rattan material imitates the natural grains and appearance of real rattan and can give people a sense of nature and relaxation, letting people to be fully immersed in a comfortable and

chilling outdoor environment. 

There are three major reasons that you should choose a set of dining table and chairs that is made of PE rattan. Firstly, plastic rattan is a renewable material that can align with people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection. It can help you create a healthy outdoor living without producing any extra pollution to the earth. Secondly, rattan has lots of benefits which are really suitable for outdoor setting. For example, it is sturdy and can withstand various weather conditions. No matter the outdoor environments are too hot or too humid, tables and chairs that are made of PE rattan can prevent them from easily rotting, making them have a long life span outdoors. Thirdly, PE rattan

is easy to maintain. Due to its special properties, it does not need any additional cleaning and maintenance. All

these factors ensure its longevity and consistent performance outdoors.

Beautiful Rattan Dining Sets

2.      Durable Brushed Aluminium Dining Set

Durable metal furniture is often chosen by people when they are decorating the outdoor places. Dining tables and chairs that are made of aluminium material can be applied to various scenes since they are eco-friendly, simple but stylish. No matter which kind of outdoor space you are choosing furniture for, aluminium dining sets should be a good fit. As a Chinese leading manufacturer in outdoor furniture, Coets is famous for its brushed aluminium series. Its

collection of brushed aluminium dining sets stands out in the industry for its eco-friendly, minimalist and industrial style. Lots of customers, wholesalers and project designers are obsessed with its products since Coets’ simple line design and elegant colour selection make the products full of high-end feeling and suitable for some luxurious outdoor

spaces. Imagine that when you go to an outdoor restaurant or an outdoor hotel lounge area, some simple but stylish brushed aluminium dining sets are put there with the open blue sky, how comfortable and enjoyable the scene is!

What is more, Coets’ brushing craftsmanship is exquisite and pretty, it adds an additional coating to the metal frame of the dining tables and chairs which makes the furniture more sturdy and resistant to different outdoor factors. Therefore, they can survive outdoors for a longer period of time. Last but not least, due to the special brushing craftsmanship, the furniture is easy to be maintained and cleaned. If you leave some stains on the table after a grand feast, you only need to clean it softly with some soapy water, which is convenient. a, you can feel a sense of natural smell from it which can easily help you calm and relax in a peaceful atmosphere.

Coets’ Brushed Aluminium Dining Table and Chairs

3.      Refined Teak Wood Dining Tables

Teak Wood is a type of famous and precious wood material in the world, it normally costs higher price than other wooden materials. Due to its native specialty, there are only a few dining tables and chairs on the market are made entirely of teak wood. The vast majority of the teak wood furniture that people talk about just contains a small portion of teak wood in their products, such as a layer of teak wood table frame or some pieces of teak wood decorations. Teak wood is also famous for its natural and exquisite texture and grains. The surface of a piece of high-quality teak wood will turn to a golden luster after the long exposure in the air. The grains and pattern of the wood are refined and elegant, bringing a sense of mature and grateful feeling to your outdoor atmosphere. 

Are you wondering that why this kind of treasure material is suitable for outdoor dining set? That is because it has a strong corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical substances, making it durable under an outdoor setting that is with high temperature or high humidity. What is more, its bright and beautiful surface pattern makes it become multi-functional and can be used in different outdoor styles. No matter your outdoor space is in the style of elegant, traditional, luxurious, minimalist or stylish, a set of teak wood dining table and chairs

can perfectly blend with it. Although the dining set that is made of teak wood is expensive, you will get what you pay for.

Elegant Teak Wood Dining Sets

Other Decorative Items to Your Outdoor Paradise

While opting for an attractive and premium outdoor dining set can certainly enhance your customers’ outdoor ambiance, leaving the space too empty might inadvertently hide the unique charms of the outdoor area. Dining area, as a relaxing and joyful place where your customers will have lots of fun and interaction with their friends or family outdoors, you can help them add some additional decorations to it to increase the outdoor ambiance. In the following list, I will try to list out some items that are helpful for you!


1.      Decorative fruit bowl or floral tablecloth:

If a plate of fake fruit bowl is placed in the middle of the dining table with a piece of floral tablecloth at the bottom would be really romantic. You can easily enjoy this wonderful outdoor moment with the beautiful outdoor ambiance.

2.      Pergola:

This is not only a decorative outdoor item, but also a piece of functional facility. A simple and stylish pergola above the outdoor dining area can help people block the strong sunshine and provide a shady place to enjoy a joyful lunch.

3.      Screen:

A screen that is put beside the dining area can provide people with a private and warm area to enjoy a delightful meal. It is also a perfect decoration in an outdoor area since different patterns and colours of the screen can create people various ambient feelings.

4.      Lantern:

Decorative lanterns are designed for outdoor use to make the outdoor space more inviting. Each one of them has its own exquisite and unique design. A lovely lantern outdoors at night is not only a lighting object, but also a friendly hug glowing in the dark, welcoming everyone who walks by. If you are interested in purchasing more ambient lantern products, please click here to view more information.

5.      Cushion:

Since dining chairs might not be that soft and comfortable compared with your indoor furniture, you can choose to buy some cushions to make your dining area more cosy and relaxing. Besides, with a variety of colours and patterns available, cushions allow you to personalize your dining space. However, please do not forget to choose the cushion materials that are suitable for outdoor setting.

Ambient Decorations For Dining Tables

Question Regarding Shipping

If you are a b-end customer or project designer, and are very interested in Coets’ brushed aluminium dining set, you can contact us for more additional help. As a Chinese professional B to B manufacturer with more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, we fully understand your concerns about the global shipping. However, with a robust factory capacity, advanced production machines and efficient logistics network, we minimize the lead times

and ensure timely delivery of your orders. With our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide a seamless experience from manufacturing to delivery, ensuring your products reach you in a timely manner, no matter where you are in the world.

Packing And Shipping Process of Coets

Elevating the Atmosphere of Your Outdoor Space

After reading the article, do you have a clearer conception about how to select a set of dining table and chairs for your outdoor areas? Except the primary factors such as the space consideration and the capacity of the dining sets, you also need to decide which kind of furniture material that you are opting for. That is because different materials used in the dining set will represent different feelings and can perform various durability and practicability. For example, people who are into minimalist and industria style might go for the brushed aluminium collection that we mentioned before.

In conclusion, by elevating the atmosphere of your outdoor space, you not only enhance the space’s aesthetic appeal but also create a welcoming environment for relaxation and enjoyment. Therefore, choosing the right set of dining table and chairs in your outdoor area is really essential. It will reflect your personal taste and enriches your outdoor experiences.

Amber Zhang

Hi, I’m the author of this post. Over the past 10 years, we have helped 55 + countries and 350+ clients with outdoor furniture layout solutions. If you have any problem with outdoor settings, call us for a free quote or discuss your solution.

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