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Designer or architect

If you are attracted by our design, inspiration or philosophy, we warmly welcome you to be Coets’ partner. If you have an outdoor project, we love to work with you to realize your concepts.

Agency or contractor

Coets offers high quality outdoor furniture to appeal to your target customers. As an experienced outdoor furniture supplier, we make sure to provide you with the best project solutions and services.

Restaurant or bar owner

We have worked with restaurant and bar owners and successfully helped them to make their ideas from conception to desired outcomes.

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Import Quality Furniture from China Hassle-Free

Buyer’s Background

A French milk tea shop owner envisioned upgrading his shop’s outdoor seating but wanted to stay within budget. He turned to Coets for affordable, stylish dining chairs.


While browsing Coets’ website, he found his perfect chairs but was surprised to see a higher price during the price quote. Our specialist explained that the listed price was for wholesale purchases, and shipping costs needed to be factored in for small orders.


Our specialist expertly guided the French shop owner through selecting the right delivery option and tailor-making a solution that would suit his specific needs. With a few clicks, he finalized his payment and left the rest to our dedicated team of specialists. A week later, he happily received his delivery on time and with minimal effort.


Whether it’s a small or large order, Coets makes importing quality furniture from China easy, efficient, and affordable.

Cut Shipping Costs by Sharing a Container

Buyer’s Background

An American restaurant owner searched for premium outdoor furniture for his establishment. He was familiar with importing goods from China and turned to Coets for a price quote.


However, he found the door-to-door shipping cost for his desired furniture too high, which was a setback for his budget.


Our sales team recognized his concern and offered a cost-effective solution – by consolidating his purchases and sharing a container, he could reduce his shipping costs significantly. The client was pleased with this suggestion, as he had a long-term purchase plan in China, making this an optimal solution.


At Coets, we understand the importance of value and affordability for our clients. We offer tailored solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations while keeping costs low. Contact us today to see how we can help you save on importing quality furniture from China.

Partner with Coets for Your Outdoor Design Plan

We’ve been serving the hospitality industry over a decade. Our unwavering commitment and perseverance on quality products and cutting edge development will meet your expectations. Just call us and begin our story!

Quality Assurance

Streamlined production and inspection bring the highest quality.

Pricing Advantage

Competitive prices for our R&D unit and industry experience.

Efficient Service

3D simulations of furniture combinations and business function layout

Fast Delivery

Always-stocked inventory and reliable logistics support for fast delivery.

Get A Fast & Custom Simulation Proposal

Welcome to inquiry us at any time, we will get back to you in 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Rooftop Bar Owner

As a small business owner, I hesitated to import furniture from China due to the perceived hassle and high costs. However, Coets completely changed my perception! Their specialist expertly guided me through selecting and purchasing affordable, high-quality dining chairs for my rooftop bar’s outdoor seating area.

 Restaurant Manager

My communication with Coets specialists was efficient, straightforward, and tailored to my needs. The dining tables and chairs arrived as scheduled and were easy to assemble. I’m thrilled with the result and grateful to Coets for making the importing process easy and hassle-free. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to import furniture from China!


 Coets’ sales team is full of passion and consideration. They came up with a fantastic idea to help me significantly reduce my shipping costs, making it possible for me to stay within my budget. I was impressed with the level of customer service and personalized solutions that Coets provided!


Q1: I have a small order or even a sample order. What shipment option do I have?

A1: Coets provides you with 4 options:

(1)Door-to-door service. It includes pickup of goods from our location, transportation to your location, and delivery to your final destination.

(2)CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight). It includes the cost of goods, insurance coverage, and shipping/freight charges from our port of origin to your port of destination.

(3)FOB (Free on Board). When goods are shipped FOB, we are responsible until they are loaded onto the ship, at which point you take over responsibility.

EXW( Ex Works). When goods are shipped EXW, our responsibility ends when you take possession of them at our location, which means that you are responsible for all transportation and handling costs from that point forward.

Q2: Which one is the best shipment option? / How do I choose the best shipment option?

A2: From a cost perspective: door-to-door service will be the most expensive, followed by CIF as the second-highest option, FOB as the third-highest, and EXW as the most affordable alternative.

From a delivery time perspective, door-to-door service is the fastest.

Q3: How do I calculate shipping costs?

A3: Shipping costs are based on weight & volume, freight mode, shipment origin, destination, date, insurance, customs & tax. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more information. We ensure you work with a reputable freight forwarding company for the best rates and services.

Q4: What is customs clearance?

A4: Customs clearance is obtaining permission from a government agency to import or export goods across international borders. This process involves submitting documents and paying fees to ensure the goods being shipped meet all necessary legal requirements, such as safety regulations and import/export taxes. Once customs clearance is obtained, the goods can be transported across the border.

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